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   September  2014                      Issue  91  




The Dollmaker was reading a book set in the year 1076

where Redheads were being called Witches!

Can you Imagine that? Well! 

Actually, Yes!



Indeed!  Tinge-of-Insane Does suit her!


no no! ... she needs MORE Red Hair... and More Friends with Red Hair...


Ok, Orange


Right now the Orange Curtains are up and the Light is Orange! 

 and the Dollmaker's annual "Orange Obsession" is officially Underway!


In a brutally non-sequitur moment of Insight that only "Obsession" can spawn...

the Party Girl Witches led to..


Some call them  "The Watcher Witches"

others prefer

  "Witch Watchers"


We just wish to know Which Watch Witch is Which?



Big Thanks to Erika O'Malley who sent the Dollmaker tons of broken Watches

without which these Watch Witches could not have wandered forth.

(and also for buying two out of three of the Watch Witches for herself and her Dad!)






After a Two-year wait...


In the yard they were

Opening silently, grandly

while the Gardener was away...


And when she returned, head down in the rain

she felt them before she saw them...

The Gardener looked up- and- there they were.


 Incredible 11-inch-long delicate bells, Melony-Yellow,

All opened perfectly, bright with raindrops!


The Angel Trumpet Blooms seem eager to introduce themselves

to King Midas's Daughter, Marigold

who is, for her part, overjoyed, to find Flowers her own size to talk to!



A whole Lotta Dollmaking going on!


The small but mighty Clothespin Fairy Dolls...


Led by a music strange and clear...

If the veils are thin you will find me here...





And it's not just a whole Lotta Dollmaking going on around here...

There's also Dragon's Nesting Mound Making!


These lifelike soft-sculptured Dragon's Nesting Mounds

simulating provincial Dragon Nest Constructions on craggy cliffs

will blend naturally into most fabric terrains

each one fitting a baby dragon hatching out of an egg perfectly!


...Baby Dragons and Eggs included...




and the Dollmaker has not yet finished

One day Joyce Hazelrig taught the Dollmaker how to make these

stylishly Felted Tendril Nature Spirit Hats...

Sure, now everybody wants one!


...ahem... everybody except...


A Blue Water Goddess in the Curly-Lock Style


These Curly Locks are characteristic of the "Teeswater" Sheep

Hailing from Teesdale, United Kingdom, the Teeswater Sheep

have beautiful fine, long, high lustre locks, perfect for doll hair

and, the Dollmaker supposes, many other things...







Now then

the Time Returns for




Opening Day: Saturday October 11th



Yes, Eight Themed Weekends, folks

First it's Oktoberfest (Beer Weekend) ...Oct 11-12

then it's

1001 Dreams (Fairy Weekend) ...Oct 18-19

All Hallows Eve (Darth Vader Weekend) ...Oct 25-26

1,000,001 Pirates ...Nov 1-2

Roman Bacchanal (Men in Sheets) ...Nov 8-9

Barbarian Invasion (Freezing half-naked Women in Blankets) ...Nov 15-16

Highland Fling (Is he wearing underwear Weekend) ...Nov 22-23

Celtic Christmas Lights Contest Weekend ...Nov 28-30


8 Themed Weekends designed to give our Renaissance Festival Patrons

freedom from the constrictions of the concept of "Renaissance Festival"!


Of Note: Also Open the Friday after Thanksgiving




As the Great Festival barrels toward us...


"The Office" extends a Special Message for TRF Patrons...

TRF Artisan and Merchant Appreciation Days

The first two weekends of the Faire

 (Oct. 11, 12, 18 and 19)

our patrons can be rewarded for supporting their favorite shoppes

Spend a minimum of $250 in a single transaction at any artisan or merchant shoppe

and receive two tickets for free admission on any of the remaining weekends. 

 Patrons must take their proof of purchase to the information booth

at the front gate to receive their tickets.

-from the Office



 And in the midst of all the ruckus... there's still the

Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe



...where, in addition to Dragon Nesting Mounds and Tiny Fairies

you will ALSO find...


The King Midas's Daughter Dolls



and other Round Head Dolls


Hookah-smoking Caterpillars


Mushroom Clusters 



Thought Forms



The Curly-Locks Dolls


The Seated Dolls


Felted Pumpkin Heads!











...exploring the mysteries of feeling really good...















Slideshow of the
Wee Peeple Dolls





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October 11th - November 30th

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Happy Sept Birthdays Kate and Carol!








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