Changing Woman is another name for Mother Earth

Now just think about that for a second.


Picture an old Apache Indian,

or maybe an old Navajo Indian... reverently speaking the name of

his beloved Earth... He calls her...

Changing Woman. 



Changing Woman

Changing Woman comes closest to being the personification of the earth

 and of the natural order of the universe

 as to any other brief way of describing her.

She represents the cyclical path of the seasons

birth (spring ), maturing (summer), growing old (fall), and dying (winter),

 only to be reborn again in the spring.




 The Old Indian Elders spoke in a serious flowery language

and thought nothing of sitting around the shadowy campfire

describing their Dreams to one another and creating Legends.

The whole tribe listened and was impacted by the Zing from their Hearts.


Maiden,  to Mother,  to Crone... to seed....


Centuries later...


A Dollmaker stumbles across

the Changing Woman Legend...

 Changing Woman!  wow. The Dollmaker senses an ancient truth she contemplates the implications of the Title:

Changing Woman.


" Lincoln states that Changing Woman, whose name can be translated to mean

"the woman who is transformed time and time again,"

has a "peculiar life cycle:

she grows old and becomes young again with the change of the seasons.

One might thus interpret her as an allegory of the seasons,

 but she is more, being related to the earth and vegetation. "

(Lincoln 1981: 25)




The Dollmaker looked out the window

 and there She was!

 Right There! Changing Woman!



Changing Woman is not just about Humans.

Changing Woman gave birth to approximately 100 billion tiny new leaves and flowers,

in the last few days, in the small backyard of the Dollmaker, 

 and at least that many insects, just to put some perspective on what Changing Woman is capable of,

 on a Planet-wide scale, when it comes to Renewal.

Changing Woman

 a meaningful symbol, a personification of a Universal Concept,

 an Archetype which retains it's integrity throughout Time and Space

 and penetrates through the barriers of Culture and Language...

hey! Changing Woman is so All-Inclusive that She can even be Understood by Other Species!

(Animals totally understand Seasonal Changes).



So, we're cycling around back to Dollmaking, here. LOL. 

yes, yes, the Grand Scheme of Things is innately Cyclical...


perhaps that's why she is once again

The most requested Doll of the Year

Changing Woman Stories

 "Cycle their way Back" to the Dollmaker!


Ten Years ago at the Women's Conference in Houston the Theme was Changing Woman.

At that Conference, the Dollmaker sold out of Changing Woman Dolls.


This year a lot of those same women returned

for the International Women's Convocation

at the Hilton Hotel, once again in Houston.

And All weekend long...

Women sought out and found the Dollmaker so that they could tell her

 stories about their  

Changing Woman Dolls

and how these Dolls had changed their lives

 for the better! 

Wait. No, wait a minute.

How interesting that each of these (exceptionally intellegent, conscious, and worldly) Ladies

 who owned a Changing Woman Doll

claimed that the Doll did it-

 that the Doll changed her life...

now how could that be true!?

Certainly there are those who have come to expect a touch of the woo-woo from the Wee Peeple Dollmaker

 now and again... but...

Certainly those Dolls did not really do anything...

it was the Women who changed their own lives.

They got jobs, they got divorces, they bought homes, they travelled to faraway places...

it was astonishing the things these women said "happened to them".

And, interestingly, in every case, each of the Owners of these Changing Woman Dolls 

 proceeded to share the Doll with another woman who also needed good changes to happen in her life.

The Dollmaker was asked what she thought about this.


"These Dolls have a job to do," she commented. "And I am glad to see they are doing it."


Changing Woman Dolls...

Change is the name of the Game



Changing Woman LINKS:

( there are many good references explaining the symbolism of Changing Woman)


also check out Google Images!




 By the power of your conscious minds

you are creating the perfection that awaits,

and by your sincerity you will succeed.

 Bring such love into your lives that there is room for nothing else.

Love your breath and your companions and your home and your animals and your trees

and neighborhoods and your food and your sleep and your music and art and vehicles and colleagues

 and body and your computers and and and and...

all things on your beloved Mother Earth.

Love yourselves into radiance.

When fire comes into your belly, love that too.

When impatience rears its ugly head, love it through.

When boredom or judgement or insecurity shows up, love yourself free of it.

Whether sorting through a complexity or healing a little wound,

 the answer is always – always – love. 

 Get to know it so deeply that there is room for nothing else.


We are yours in all ways,

The Council of Light That is Within 


© 2008 Rebecca Couch and HeartLight ~ Living from the Heart.


Changing Woman as Maiden, Mother and Crone




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