Esoteric Pinocchio




a very interesting Challenge this turned out to be for the Dollmaker...

this business of the



The Adventures of Pinocchio

 by Carlo Collodi


 it all started with a children's story about a puppet

 written in 1881



Carlo Lorenzini aka Carlo Collodi

(his pen name)


Carlo Collodi

was the author of

and get this:

"His active interest in political matters may be seen in his earliest literary works as well as in the founding of the satirical newspaper Il Lampione...(The Beacon) This newspaper was censored by order of the Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1849 but re-emerged in May 1860."


So, old Carlo was an activist!

(He was also a Freemason! AHA!)

(so, a writer, a political activist and a Freemason... hmmm...)


His most well-known work, The Story of Pinocchio is

an Allegory

which means a Parable, or a Fable...

in which

the characters are often  inanimate objects or animals who talk and act like humans

 in order to call attention to human weaknesses or desired virtues.


We just MIGHT be looking at some serious symbolism here!



With this author's credentials, one might indeed suspect

 that Pinocchio is much more than a mere children's book...

Some Say... it is really 


(THAT got the Dollmaker's attention!)


"The origins of the Mystical Tarot, and those of Freemasonry,

are to be found (or lost) in the domain

of myths and legends at the dawn of our civilization."

-author of Tarot Symbolique Maconnique, Jean Beauchard

Additionally, Masonic Brothers A.E. Waite and Manly P. Hall

both accept that the Tarot is firmly entrenched in Freemasonry.

(a Masonic Apron from the 1700's)


But could the Mystic Symbolism of the Tarot

be found in Collodi's Tale of a Wayward Puppet?

Investigating The Esoteric Parable of



Well, to begin our study,

 it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see the obvious similarity between









yup. He's a Classic.

and so, the question could be raised...



 meant from the start to be the story of

a Fool's Journey to Enlightenment?


Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, 

and someday, you will be a real boy.

-The Blue Fairy



 The Benevolent Father and Creator-Artisan, Geppetto....

launches the Fool on his Journey....

The Emperor Card is often interpreted as
"The Father" 



Right away Geppetto realizes he is going to need some outside help.

The Star is a card that looks to the future, predicting hope and healing.

This card suggests unexpected help will be coming, a guiding light to the future.


And whaddaya know!

The Star

shoots in through the window and becomes

The Blue Fairy!

Could her character have been inspired by the...

High Priestess Card, which means:

 "Our unrealized potential"

 "...waiting for an active principle to bring it to expression."



 puts it in another way...


The Coachman: "Give a bad boy enough rope,

and he'll soon make a jackass of himself."


"The wooden boy, lacking a moral outlook, is naturally prone to misjudgments..."


Esoteric Hint:

"The boy finds himself existing in a lower plane, (wood) and his mission, {should he choose to accept it},

is to voluntarily cultivate attributes of mind which incorporate a spiritual dimension."



onward through the fog!

the Wheel of Fortune

represents the intercession of random chance into the Fool's path.


Lampwick: Huh! To hear that beetle talk

you'd think somethin' was gonna happen to us! 

[Donkey ears pop out of Lampwick's head; Pinocchio's eyes widen] 


 "To him who has eyes to see, let him see".


Lampwick: Conscience! Aw, phooey!

[a tail pops out of the seat of Lampwick's pants; Pinocchio puts down the cigar he has been smoking] 

Lampwick:  [Now his head is that of a donkey] What's he think I look like? A jackass? 

Pinocchio:  You sure do!  Ha-ha,  Hee-haw!


{ uh-oh }



That OOPS! Moment...

"Donkey" would be the esoteric name for... idiot.

And the Light dawns upon the wooden head!

Tis Time to 

Run Away!

Because, believe it or not,

exploits boys who have turned into donkeys!

 ...using them as his beasts of burden... AND he makes a tidy profit,

selling them to circuses and salt mines!

And, folks! He gets away with it.

None of the villains who exploit Pinocchio in the story are ever apprehended or punished.

They exist merely to personify "Temptation"

(Could there be some "political allegory" there..)


Don't you hate it when this happens?




The Cricket Companion

(whose name is not Jiminy in Carlo's version of the story)

could represent

"a spiritual teacher who helps one come into contact with the divine."


The Key Moment in the story of course is when

Pinocchio reaches his lowest point 

facing the Dark Night of the Soul, and

Motivated by a newfound concern for the welfare of others,

 He changes.

The Justice Card

is about making adjustments,

it's about doing whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance.


Well, it wouldn't be a proper


Striving to achieve a higher level of spirituality through self-improvement

 if we didn't have a final Gateway to pass through...


Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish,

 and someday, you will be a real boy.

-The Blue Fairy


(be it called awakening, realization, enlightenment, or being born again)'s just good to be



Now, then....


Fortunately or unfortunately

Consciousness dictates perception.


Nevertheless, It came to the Dollmaker's attention, back in the Seventies, 

that the "Secrets" (so-called) were being let out of the proverbial mystical Bag.

A shift in consciousness was in the wind

Ask and ye shall receive!

Suddenly common folk could visit Barnes and Noble or any bookstore

and be avalanched at the

"metaphysical section" 

The Gnostics, Rajneesh, Ram Dass, Yogananda, EST, Scientology, Carl Jung, Transcendental Meditation, The I Ching and countless other oracles from Medicine Cards to Runes, The Goddess was re-emerging, The Angels were having their say, Holy men from India were on lecture circuits, Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods were coming out of the closet and formerly eons-old Secret Shamanistic Societies

were publishing How-To Manuals!

 It was a complete turnabout from:

"Don't let the masses know about this stuff!"


So... it might have once been a secret that

was a story about 

“lifting the veil” of worldly illusion 


but the New Message  being given today is


Anybody can do it.



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