Set in a world

where intrepid Seafarers carefully drew coiling Sea Monsters 

into the waters of their maps....

The Dollmaker shall now attempt to define 


Well!  It's...  Mad Science!  Preposterous Inventions!  Top Hats!

 Time Machines!

Propeller-driven Flying Airships and Submarines!

Genius Misfit Daredevils bubbling about at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!  

 Similarly intrepid adventurers Voyaging to the Center of the Earth!  Hot!

By Jove,  a whole ticking, clacking, popping movement risen up around Pressurized Steam! 



ah! The Romance of Locomotives belching smoke,

gear-driven clockworks, adjustable goggles! Vacuum tubes, monocles, pistons!

Flywheels! Flicker-movies!!

A miniature derringer hidden in a secret compartment

in the heel of a boot belonging to a shadowy stranger...

 It's about grunge leather, brass-studded,

 somewhat utopian, somewhat hooligan,

strapped-on, spring-propelled gadgets...


OK... AND! Cool Villians!

Solar deathrays fueled by crystal and copper,

ionized force domes generated by a tuning fork....

 (evil chuckle)




 Flying bicycles...

Victorian, Vaudeville, Fantastical... 


.... proper fashion for a proper revolution,

 a brass distillery in every home...

giant vegetables and man-eating squid!



it's all this and more... but

this is the Dollmaker's favorite definition:


"Steampunk is a balance of

"What was"

"What should've been"  and 

 "What the hell!" 




Like Steampunk?

Check out  the Trailer for 

Howl's Moving Castle

a genuinely awesome Steampunkish movie:

  It's a Victorian/Edwardian aesthetic

frequently featuring watch parts and clockworks









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