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October 2019                              Issue 152


The Wee Peeple love to be out at night...




Out and Running Free through the



 right now.  


'tis October! No more waiting!!!




The Wee Dollmaker invites you

to "step right on" and

       she does.

..Still Improvising- after 36 years at

 Nine strange






ok, try to keep up now... Renaissance Nouveau... has gone transparent and now unabashedly acknowledges

promoting bizarre and fantastical Themes that have nothing to do with The Renaissance!

Ooo la la and ah Oui Oui! (Wee Wee)

Just Fun Themes for the Bourgeoisie!

 Simple, Easy and Worry-free!

(And no need to know any History!)


Nevertheless, to be faire, (and this is really in the program, folks)

ONE Weekend of The Texas Renaissance Festival is now officially devoted to-

The Renaissance!


Say What?

The Dollmaker kids you not!

(It's the 5th Weekend- Nov 2nd & 3rd) (the one coming up)












 at the



...some carried beer... some carried fans...

and some carried Dolls to distant lands

...while some crazy "Eye-deas" got out of hand...






...usually nick-named "Fairy Weekend"...

...ah, the Winged and the Garlanded!


A Precarious Procession of Fairies (large wings), Gnomes (tall hats) and

an assortment of flower-bedecked other-worldly Wayfaring Strangers

 maneuvered through the Doll Shoppe...



...amongst them were many familiar faces...



Ho Ho! The Doll Shoppe had a New Knocker!
Steve Sekal got right on down
and Knocked on the Fairy Door!



understandably- He Had to...
because his Sister
knocked on the Fairy Door
last year!




What's Hot is ...a bit of a twirl at the top...

an eccentric swirl keeping it's shape

often in a contrasting color...

the genuinely felted

 Fall Gnarly Hat Collection...












Avast ye scurvy bilge-rats!

The Dollmaker is still waiting for someone to really talk to her like a Pirate...

it was pretty luke-warm pirating at the the Doll Shoppe,

but the residents did at least get to wear Pirate Hats and curse a little..!



Quite a few swaggered through.








Combining Far-reaching Vision with subtlety!




~formal or casual~ Another Eye for every occasion!










Looks are deceiving! He snatched that candy like a Toad on a fly!


And after that he just Split!!
















Frolicking with the Bodacious Bordello Babes..



This is what happens
when you give those bawdy Bordello Sisters
some Dolls to play with...

and These are the Wee Wee Men
who are noticing cleavage for the first time in their lives!




he's like: What?



And friends from 30 years ago just materialized in the Doll Shoppe on this magical weekend!    Hi Joel!







Fabric Flower Hair Clips


the wearable BeadHead Dolls



Baby Owls!







...finding human colleagues...







A big Thanks goes out from the Dollmaker
to Debbie, John, Lisa and Denise
for their willing participation in "Stranger than Fiction" shoppe antics ...     (maniacal laughter...)



Specializing in  Heraldic Pageantry and Aberrant Decadence for the masses


Opening Day: Saturday, October 5th

Closing Day: Sunday, December 1st



...where We are Wee!





 How to find


Take your first Hard Left

coming through the Front Gate..

Stay on the Sidewalk-

do not Deviate!

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

 is just at the end

On the left, before the Odeon Stage,

and the bend.







 Order yours before the new year!

celebrating the Wee Peeple Doll Construction's



The Hidey Hole Calendars are now all sold out!














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The Hidey Hole Calendars are all sold out!



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