Back in the day (circa 2008), the original

were characterized by their excessively short stature

and their excessively large, seamlessly modeled NOSES.


a Wee Man Nobleman

from 2008

Those original old noses were constructed using

Super Sculpey

which tended to be somewhat unstable... hands broke off... not good.




Seven years later...


heh heh... brother Paul turned out to be a great

 'Nose Model'

for the Return of





 predictably, they became

an Instant Preoccupation with the Dollmaker...




So, the hands and the heads of the New (and Improved!)


are now constructed using



yes, good old Hard-as-a-Rock

Magic Sculpt

...the epoxy putty...

which the Dollmaker used for Rock Peeple...




is now being used for








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