Holey Stones






The Holey Stone

 (aka Faerie Stone, Odin Stone)

a Stone with at least one naturally eroded hole going all the way through it


Okay, so... How did the hole get there?

That was the Dollmaker's first question.

Was it an ancient worm?

Tunneling through the mud creating long hollow tubular shaped burrows-

 Maybe these stones are cross-sections of worm tunnels!


hmmm... or....maybe not....

...eons of rolling... pushed around by glaciers and rivers....

A lot can happen when stones roll!


Maybe the holes were caused by pebbles lodged in the stone,

and the pebbles popped out!


Or maybe there were softer areas within the stone

which wore away quicker, leaving a hole.




The Faeries did it! 

Folks DO call them "Faerie Stones", after all...

    Under the Spell of the Fey   



 Traditional Uses for Holey Stones


Looking through the Hole of a Holey Stone

is said to grant hapless Humans the Power of Second Sight!

That they might SEE (and be seen by)  the Fey!


It was after collecting hundreds of Holey Stones

from local (Texas) riverbeds and beaches, over a period of years,

and having curiously peered through each and every one of their Holes...

that the Dollmaker became enslaved by Faerie Magic, without even realizing it,

while following a seemingly natural compulsion to create (around 8000) DOLLS...


Holey Stones are "Gateways" to new Behaviors!

This image is in the public domain to the best of my knowledge. By Henry Maynell Rheam ( 1859-1920 )

 The Power of Stones to cause tectonic plate shifts in Career Direction,

revealed through incidents like these,

applies even (especially) to the modern Human for whom the Mystical and Magical Aura of Stone Power

encourages the selling of (quite ordinary) Holey Stones on the Internet for as much as $150 apiece! 


The Power of a Holey Stone!

Ah yes, my friends, never underestimate the lowly holey stone...

Here's why:


Amazing Amulets: Nature's Gifts

The following is probably the most common definition for the word amulet:

An amulet is a natural object used as a charm. 

Amulets may include:

stones, crystals, fossils, bird feathers found on the ground or in trees, 

four-leaf clovers, pieces of wood, nuts, shells 

(especially cowrie shells), dried flowers or other herbs, and seeds.


A good example of an amulet is a holey stone. These have long been carried

and worn as charms.

The holes are considered doorways or portals through which someone can draw or repel energy. For example, the holey stone can bring luck or send away misfortune, bring wealth or banish deprivation, and so on.





Many cultures use holey stones for divination. (knowing the future)

To divine with a holey stone, the holder of the stone peers at the MOON through the hole to see visions and gain wisdom.

Holey Stones are also used for meditation  and creative visualization. 



Some fossils, such as this ammonite (ancient squid) also have natural holes in them and are said to assume the same magical qualities as a holey stone.

Read more: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/charming-your-way-to-effective-magic.html#ixzz0sNXerKU5


Sleep well, with a stone by your side.

Take a Holey Stone to the sleeping place

of the one who wishes to be free

of nightmares.



Hung in doorways or windows to protect a home, business or shed


a Stone's Main Function


Worn by a beloved pet

or even hung near a pet's sleeping place


Protection for trees and garden


Healing Lore and Folklore state

that Holey Stones are helpful for healing disease and maintaining general health,

particularly when the stone is rubbed on the body of someone sick.  ok...


 Personal protection


They are also said to improve eyesight.



What's on the Other Side?

When one looks through a hole in a stone

one mustn't be surprised to behold visions

of non-corporeal entities!


Stones talking to one another?

The "Conspiracy of Communicating Stones" Theory

 roughly states that all stones are connected 

and may communicate with one another through their

"common ground"....



Wherever "Water" meets "Earth" all around the Globe,

Pilgrims and Seekers of The Miraculous have discovered rare and mystical

Holey Stones

in the possession of

fishermen who were using them as sinkers.












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