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There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.

That will be the beginning.

-Louis L'Amour 












Wolf Moon






Goodbye to the Year of the Horse





And, believe it or not, say Hello to the



(Not kidding folks!)


animated-goat-image-0057, naturally, the New Year started right out with

the local Fiber Artists dyeing, spinning and felting Sheep LOCKS!

Soft-sculptured Cat Heads were also on the agenda...


which inevitably led to this (special order) Cat Fairy getting done...

while other Cat Characters participated in


Look closely and you will see that these Scabbards sheath not the Sword

but the mighty PEN!

ahhhhhh. The Mighty "Sharpie" Pen...





Trouble comes

Trouble goes

Each time I learn something

I suppose.


-the Dollmaker








As snakes grow, many of them shed their skin.

This is the main reason snakes have become symbols

of Renewal and Rebirth.


In Greek Mythology a snake

twined around the Staff of Asclepius, the God of Medicine.

Hermes, Messenger God of Transitions and Boundaries

had two snakes encircling his Caduceus!




OThe Ouroboros

Greek Symbol of Eternity

is also represented by a snake

 curled into a circle or hoop, the tip of the tail connected to and seemingly continuous with the mouth







So, her attention having been captured by 

Symbols of Eternity, Medicine, and Commerce...

The Dollmaker responded to a special request for a

Snake Goddess

(special order for Anndora Gardener)


uh-oh... watch out here- graphic illustration ahead:

If you are freaked out by snakes... don't look!!












Last January, the Dollmaker was not at all obsessed with

 compared to

   This January....



Stamping really ROCKS!






Harken! To the clamoring clarion call for unique and exotic

refrigerator magnets

resounding throughout the kingdom!

Causing the Dollmaker's Little World to rock while she shuffled about researching

stamping with Oil Paints instead of Inks...

resulting in the new

Mona Lisa Smile Lone Vagabond Star Watcher

Magnets and Key Rings 

which she hopes will satisfy the eclectic (demands) preferences

of the ever-burgeoning population of

refrigerator magnet aficionados!





Happily, soon afterwards....


The Mona Lisa Smile Lone Vagabond Star Watchers

after much meditation, one day found the Gateway 

from the vast flatlands of the Second Dimension

into Third Dimensional Space!






Inspired by the 2015 Woman's Conference Theme of

"The Springs"

 the original oil paint stampings led to a

Fabric Collage of Souls



which struggles to portray Humanity surfacing through dimensional space

the "Organic Blueprint" animated as

 Miraculously Personified Bubbles of Consciousness


born to be swept suddenly, randomly, ceaselessly onwards


aware, yet confined, and ever inexorably entwined







souls caught up in the streaming...

seem to appear and disappear... ahem...









An "elderly" Wee Peeple Green Lady Doll ~circa 1988 or so~

arrived at the Dollmaker's Doorstep in need of repair.

Guarded over by newly-scabbarded Catpeeple Sentries,

she underwent a successful operation, and was met by a rousing cheer when she

was able to stand up on her own again.




then~ right at the end of the month there were these ~thrilling

new Business Cards!

This is the front and back of these Vistaprint cards.



Vistaprint link:




So, yes, the Dollmaker has actually been making dolls this...







but wait!









National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo,

is a novel-writing challenge that takes place every November.

Participants begin writing on November first

with a goal of completing a 50,000-word novel from scratch

by the end of the month.

Shannon did this! And her story is amazing!


The most well-known Nano novel to become published is Sara Gruen's "Water for Elephants",

which became a New York Times Bestseller, as well as being adapted as a feature-length film.

A large number of other novels have also been professionally published,

and tons have been self-published through createspace and other self-publishing options.












"Keep remembering: There is not only one prize."











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