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 May  2014                   Issue  87


Hookah-Smoking Caterpillars



Why do we have to have MORE?


a renewed fascination....



These days the Dollmaker is exploring the concept of hidden


{she's also involved in the study of where to put the butt on a caterpillar}



Caterpillars previously relied upon weights and sheer balancing

{or, in extreme cases, hot glue!}

just to remain elegantly poised on the top surface of the Mushroom...

but NOW a few strategically placed rather powerful magnets inside the mushroom

and inside the caterpillar...

and Voila!

 Allowing Caterpillars to sit up straight...

or... in more condescending manner... lean slightly forward...



Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar wallpaper screensaver 

hmmm... speak of the devil...


...when THESE little beauties show up, fluttering innocently about the yard...


These won't be far behind....

Ah yes, the ever-delightful Gulf Fritillary Caterpillars

Who showed up en masse one fine Spring morning in time for breakfast...

but to the Dollmaker's horror,

breakfast, lunch and dinner turned out to be
{her beloved and practically sacred}
Passion Flower Vines

 Oh no! OH YES! Nature Strikes Again!

This particular type of caterpillar

dines almost exclusively upon Passion Leaves! 


Having recovered from the initial shock of witnessing the Fritillaries of Doom

feasting greedily upon the Delicacy of her Precious Passion Flower Vine-

and after the Astonishing Facebook Caterpillar Advocacy took part in the Discussion-

the Dollmaker decided to "allow" Mother Nature to follow her own course...

{good one}  {more like- realizing the futility of resisting the relentless onslaught of the fluttering butterfly horde}

And in so doing,

she learned something.

Notice the gnarly little black spines all along the body of the Caterpillar

... absent on the cocoon...

where did they go?


Not that it was ever a burning question for the Dollmaker but she did wonder what became of them

since they are rather a distinguishing feature...

Well, she just happened to be standing there with a camera in her hands

when there came a "twitching" in the Passion Foliage...

it was a lone Cocoon

writhing around, ridding itself of

the cluster of black spines

which had evidently been "scraped" towards the top, promptly taking a nosedive from there into oblivion

The Dollmaker watched as the creature inside the cocoon cast off the spines,

quit squirming, and settled down to metamorphosizing...


...one day to take flight...

The whole business presents the question:

 Is the creature "asleep" during this transformation?

Or... is the creature aware the whole time?

Adult Gulf Fritillary butterfly, Agraulis vanillae Linnaeus.

Photograph by Jaret C. Daniels,







Biology: a profound change in form from one stage to the next
 in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly.


 another definition:  a change of physical form, structure, or substance

 by supernatural means (!)






The Dollmaker's "rain gauge" overflowed this month.







It's only May and the

Harvest has already begun!

 Zucchini flambini!

 boxes of Rosemary have been given away...


To cover the East Arbor, the Dollmaker bought a

Jack Bean Plant.

It's seeds have already sprouted

under the new "Workspace Arbor" (the workspace used for spray painting)






 "Hey Mom! I'll wash your car for you!"


It was a very


 ...celebrated with Darling Daughter, Shannon, who is really growing up!



and then...


A Wedding was to take place in the Land.

 The Dollmaker was invited to this Wedding!


The Bride, as a child, would draw on scraps of paper...

Magical Wizards the young girl drew, fervently

with starry robes and long white beards...

 These Wizards would arrive with magical gifts... for her...



The Wedding Present



Congratulations to Dani and John!

May the Force be with you.





Tree Peeple got a little bit Taller with all this rain!


In 2014

It was wonderful that the Dollmaker's treasured long-term customers could still come

to the Shoppe, formerly known as the Wee Peeple Doll Arte Gallerie,

now known as AMAZING,

at Scarborough Faire the Renaissance Festival

and still find a Soulful Companion who would rule the other dolls with a mild hand- or branch...






and in the end...

 Rest in Peace dearly beloved Pancho.

In the end, the Highway was your way. You were a good friend.

Thanks for all the rodents.










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