A Visit to

Sherwood Forest Faire

The Dollmaker visited

 Sherwood Forest Faire

in it's Opening Year....





The Dollmaker goes to...

NOT a Renaissance Festival!

Alright Folks, it's the Year 1189- 

We all remember that year, right?    hmmm... (scratches head...)

No? Well, just go through the Magic Gateway- through this Enchanted Wooden Fence!

 It's the Days of Robin HOOD!

(take a fashion hint from the "HOOD" part of that)

Where most everyone wore some kind of Hood on their Head.

Or- if not an actual Hood, then at least some kind of POINT.

hee hee

The Dollmaker might be stretching the Point.... or curling it... but... ok ok...


Musicians wearing pointed and somewhat pointed hats

playing the wild and haunting music of 1189...

These are members of the band WINO VINO

Seduced by the oboe...

the Dollmaker just had to have the CD



The Dollmaker next found a funny little man selling funny little hats.

Did YOU make this splendid hat, asked the Dollmaker, who dearly wished to converse with the Hatmaker.

No, the little man said. These hats are made by

 my mother-in-law....

...who  started out making these adorable hats for family members... yes, the Dollmaker could easily picture this

 round-cheeked little man, a similarly round-cheeked little wife and their many elvin children standing in a row, each

 wearing a differently colored pixie cap, and all glancing at the Hatmaking Mother-in-law, who is smiling broadly in

her rocker nearby.

The Dollmaker could also picture herself in the hat. OH HEE HEE!

Down and up the hillside the Dollmaker went,

stopping at the top of the hill for food and rest.

She enjoyed lunch at Como's Italian Restaurante-

the Pasta with Garlic and Pesto Cream was delicious

and there was a goodly portion of it too!

And, while eating and chatting with companions in this Great Open Hall,

the Dollmaker was compelled to crane her neck to see what the attraction could be

 on the other side of a rowdy, jostling crowd... a crowd which seemed to be growing

 as the luncheon continued.

AH!  T'was a TAVERN there, located right inside the Hall,

attracting the jovial crowd! Of Course!

The Dollmaker's astute observation was

 that a mighty river of Medieval Brew didst flow 

in Sir Robin Hood's kingdom...

a good thing, too...

Hand over the Shrubbery!

 The WIZ at Sherwood

Hale Ho!

Well, what should the Dollmaker see,

standing upon a cluster of stumps....??

Don White's White Wizards!

And Voila! Then there was the Wiz, himself, in person, smirking and chuckling, greeting his old pals from his neighborhood at TRF. Look at all those old-timers in one place! What a sight! Huzzah!




Horn-makers Extraordinaire

Cyndi Wexler and Dave Sheppard

on either side of the Wiz

The Dollmaker had a jolly time and gives a "Two-Thumbs-Up"

to Sherwood Forest Faire!

For the incredible job the participants did in their first year

to make it feel like a thoroughly established Faire, Huzzah!  Check it out! 


Directions to:   Sherwood Forest Faire   McDade, Texas




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