The Wee Peeple Newsletter

May  2013                   Issue  75


 It all started with an ordinary hookah-smoking caterpillar

sitting on a Mushroom...


And though you should live in a palace of gold

or sleep in a dried up ditch,

You could never be as poor as the fairies are,

and never as rich.

-Rose Fyleman

She stopped constructing Caterpillars, but the Dollmaker just kept on making

 more and more Fairy Mushrooms!

Even the Wee Peeple became "Mushroom Peeple"

Where is the Dollmaker going with all these Mushrooms?

(Stay tuned....)





 Three Ravens went a-walking...

And then the Dollmaker quite suddenly became interested in

the tilt and posture of Ravens....


Bees are alive and well in the Dollmaker's "Highway Garden"!

And they are busy pollinating Everything!

Another finished Arbor

and a hard-won, if temporary, Victory in the ongoing battle against

the Grass!


(Thanks Derrick and Lance!)



Look what Larry found!

An Awesome Teapot

It nestles in it's own Teacup! Cool, Larr!





New Haircut (big thanks to Catherine!)




Fun with Daughter Shannon...

We put an elegant Bridesmaids Dress together for a Masked and Costumed Wedding!

Congratulations Joel and Sarah!




A quick trip to the Texas City Dike for shells

and on to

 Galveston and Ms.Tally's Mysterious Gardens


featuring  amazing Teapot Totems...


...Bottle Trees...

 ...Bowling Ball Borders... and the Wall of Lost Soles!

Ms. Tally totally insisted that the Dollmaker should fill Larry's car with


cuttings from her Triple Purple Datura! (OH MY!)

Angel Trumpets in a variety of colors!

 and there were So many more!

(oh tee hee goodie goodie!)

 Thank You Tally for your gracious hospitality!

(now look here and see who else got to visit Tally...)

By the time the Dollmaker left Tally's Gardens, this Hookah-smoking Caterpillar

 had "made so many friends" amongst Tally's collection of Wee Peeple Dolls,

that she decided he needed to stay...



One week later... on Memorial Day...


The Dollmaker visited

A Trading Frenzy went down with the Hatmaker


Actually, the Dollmaker ended up with Four New Hats!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Kathel's Hats!




...and then there was the inevitable... Clearing 23 years of stuff out of

the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe...

Big Thanks to John Bond and the Noble Steed

for driving a truckload of Scarborough Faire Stuff back home to Smithville,

where it will be integrated into the Garage Decor.




 but wait! This just in!'s good to know that... ...there's yet another use for...


French Artist Junior Fritz Jacquet

turns empty toilet paper rolls into works of art!

He creases and manipulates them

and then adds layers of color and varnish. How cool and Fun!

We should try this!


Yeah! The Awesome Women could do it!

 Once-a-month Gatherings at the Dollmaking Studio (or someplace else)

to talk, laugh, eat, drink,

and oh yeah

WORK on individual projects. "Bring whatever you are working on!"

Want to join in? We now have a Facebook Page you can Like!

Dates for our gatherings will be posted there.



"the Dollmaker's Random Choices" video:




Kandra Niagra, Dollmaker


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PO Box 326
Smithville, TX  78957



Email:   bigkandra at


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Check us out at the

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