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April  2013                   Issue  74



 Mushroom and Caterpillar Studies...





...a valiant attempt to rescue the Colorado River from the

 beautiful but wicked (invasive) Water Hyacinths...


Talk to the Water!


What would happen if you told Water:




This is what happens:


But this is what it looks like when you tell Water

I hate you!


Excerpt from the consciousness-raising Work of Masaru Emoto

author of  The Hidden Messages in Water


Mr. Emoto's research seems to indicate that


When positive words are spoken to Water

It forms beautiful crystalline structures.

And when negative words are directed at Water

It breaks down physically into chaotic nastiness.


So, naturally the first thing we want to do is TEST this theory!


Talk to the Rice!


Emoto said that anyone can do the Rice Experiment... so this lady did it

on You Tube...

The Rice Experiment:

Using the Words "Thank you" and "You Fool!"


Her Results:





Lots of people have done this Experiment... some of them used rice.

But the vast majority do this experiment on each other or on themselves.

I love you/I hate you

Affects Water.

Human Beings are composed of approximately 60% Water.




Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto





...the first tiny tomato slowly ripened....


Talk to the Tomatoes!


The Southeast Arbor goes up!

Now there are Three Arbors gracing the Dollmaker's Highway Garden!

and one little garden bench made with a few leftover cedar boards...

Even the old farmers at the Post Office agree

that this is a good year for a garden!


Big Thanks to Derrick and Lance for all their help in creating it!

Talk to the Poppies!




Once upon a

Spinning Globe which created the Passage of


there was a Real Magician...


That HERMES guy.

Remember him?

Wasn't he some kind of a Scientist or maybe a Greek God or something....

Hermes Who, again?


Tris - me - gi - stus


get ready....

(Even in metaphysical circles this guy is a Heavy Hitter...)

Hermes Trismegistus


While leading his disciples into the Presence of the Immortals


He Introduced to Humanity:

Medicine, Chemistry, Law, Art, Astrology, Music, Rhetoric, Magic, Philosophy,

 Geography, Mathematics (especially Geometry), Anatomy, and Oratory.


One might say he was

Perfect in All Crafts,

Ruler of Three Worlds, Scribe of the Gods,

and Keeper of the Books of Life


Hang on- we are just getting started here...


Ancient Egyptian scholars regarded this Hermes as:

The Embodiment of the Universal Mind

The Cosmic Principle of Thought

The Author of Twenty Thousand Books

(one scholar claims it was thirty six thousand books...

but really, you know after twenty thousand or so, it is easy to lose track...)

He was also

Osiris's Buddy:

Recorder of the weighing in of Souls

(well, since he was the Main Recorder of Time, he had to be there)


in addition:

Hermes gave the Masons their Initiatory Rituals and Symbols

and changed the Calendar from 360 to 365 days

(this is all one guy, folks) ( Now you remember him, right?)


He was also the Author of "The Emerald Tablet"

The Divine Pymander,

and the legendary Book of THOTH

"Learn deeply of the Mind and its Mystery, for therein lies the secret of Immortality.

from The Vision (The Second Book of the Divine Pymander)

all of which were chock full of practical Wisdom,

Like:  To Hermetically Seal something...

would be to make it air tight.

And here, in a nutshell are the

Seven Principles of the Hermetic Philosophy

1. ALL IS MIND. The Universe is Mental.


3. NOTHING RESTS. Everything Vibrates.

4. ALL IS DUALITY.  Everything has it's pairs of opposites.

5. RHYTHM.  For every action there is a reaction.

The pendulum swing manifests in everything.

6.  EVERY CAUSE HAS ITS EFFECT.. and every effect has it's cause.

7. Gender is in everything, everything contains these two principles within it.

What a guy!

Engraving of Hermes Trismegistus

from Symbola Aurea Mensae, 1617, Michael Maier

a very interesting link:









The Wee Peeple Doll Arte Gallerie now known as


has, for 23 years, been the Springtime Residence of the Wee Peeple Dolls.

However, the Good Friends of the Wee Peeple Dolls should know that

the Dollmaker is not just sharing her shoppe with Q,

she is selling her shoppe to Q!

so... There will always be a few Wee Peeple Doll Constructions there

but mostly you will find rings, maps and talismans of the finest order

at Shoppe #158, from now on...


Over yonder toward the Faux Mermaid Lagoons... at

the Renaissance Festival

Check this out!

Wee Peeple Mermaid Dolls are being sold

by a jolly lass in a wee green kiosk!

How times change!

2013  DATES:

Opening Day was Saturday April 6th

Closing Day: Memorial Day Monday... May 27th




the Dollmaker has become positively fascinated by


the Industrial Country Market in Columbus, Texas!


It's a strange exotic General Store

...One Hundred per cent OFF GRID, folks...

which specializes in Solar Power, Hydroponics, and Wind Devices

situated inside of a vast water garden

punctuated with bizarre and outlandish Found Object Sculptures

(there's one made from a hopelessly coiled snarl of water hoses- that one is a fountain!)

and the whole thing is actually an Educational Center.

(classes are taught in Hydroponic Gardening, Solar Power etc.)


Check out their website...

but ya really gotta go there and see this place in person if you can!




Kandra Niagra, Dollmaker


512-332-6680    cell phone

PO Box 326
Smithville, TX  78957

Hopefully foiling email-harvesting spam-bots...

Email:   bigkandra at


April 6  to  May 27

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

at Scarborough Faire 

is now called:

Shoppe # 158

In October and November: the

Shoppe #145




Thank you Lee for the plants!



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