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July  2012                     Issue  65



 Steampunk Phoenix... "A real Eye-Opener"!


OH BOY! Yahoo! Stay tuned, for the Dollmaker is hosting a


(see the Invitation at the end of this Newsletter!)



 We were just calling it... "Sophie's Dragon"...

but it's real name is...


The Royal Empress Tree

Also known as the Sapphire Dragon Tree  (Paulownia kawakamii)


It has recently come to the Dollmaker's attention that

this exotic-looking Tree can survive Wildfires even after being burned to the ground!

(The ones in this picture were burned to the ground during the Bastrop Wildfire.)

In fact, as you can see, they THRIVE when the canopy trees are gone!

So, yes, folks, these Trees literally "Rise from the Ashes" !

(What? This sounds like a Legend!)

Now, besides being one of the fastest growing trees in the world (10 to 20 feet in a season)

and besides having extremely beautiful, fragrant flowers,

there is, in China, (as the intuitive reader might have guessed..)

a Legend about the Royal Empress Tree...

(which probably has something to do with a Phoenix...)

in which the main character is, believe it or not ...a Phoenix!  

 (of all things!)

Indeed, in the Legend it is told 

that the Phoenix will only land on the Royal Empress Tree

when a Good Ruler is in power!


(hmmm... yes, well the Phoenix is an imaginary bird, after all...)


Watch the Royal Empress Tree grow!

(This video shows the growth in less than two month's time.)




The Royal Empress Tree

 is blatantly FRACTAL in nature...

 Note the Self-Similarity as the branches divide...


If you missed the Dollmaker's Explanation of FRACTALS

here is the link:







Remember RAIN?   ...from a long time ago...?   

Well!  It's BACK! And this time the Dollmaker was ready for it...

> <


 The first four rains yielded approximately 100 Gallons per rain.

 ...but then a torrential downpour increased the reading substantially!

 This tank will hold 1100 gallons of water...


The Rainwater Collection System is Working!






 Yes, Now it's

 and:  The "Summer of Reconstruction" continues...



 The Cinder Block Mini-Storage Units get Rebuilt 


  September 2011: Ten Cinder Block Storage Units Before and After the Fire 


 December 2011: The Demolition and Clearing of the Slab


 July 2012: The Reconstruction begins...


Just Another Brick in the Wall!

And another...and another...and another...

 Just two thousand four hundred bricks in the wall....


 Cinder Block Walls are reconstructed for four new Storage Units

 and a two-car garage.


  After the Block Construction: the Roof 

 Big Thanks goes out to General Contractor, Carlos Morales,

 and his family and crews 

 General Contractor, Carlos Morales, of Bastrop, Texas

 (cinder block construction, roofing, carpentry, painting, skylights... he's a little dynamo!!




 in progress at the back of the property...

to serve people who (for one reason or another)

can't keep their RV's (tractors, campers, busses etc.) at their own home...






Simultaneously taking place... at the front of the property... a





So, now the Dollmaker will have a Place to work on her


 Yay!! A real Place to Paint!


also a Place to Construct the Smokey Sculptures...


The Music Box


A Smokey Assemblage

...which could be...

Some kind of a Tribute to the odd senselessness of

hooks and locks and keys and chains... when the doors have all been incinerated...


Somewhere, beneath the rusty crust of Entanglements

once contrived to serve some Clever Purpose,

a Source of strange and unfamiliar music...

 "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"  

waits for someone to find the hidden turnkey...


or... this Smokey Assemblage could be...

Something about how the Soul leaves the Material World... Dancing...


Or... maybe it's

an Alter to the Sound of Jingling Keys...

acknowledging That which has, through a cosmic Quirk of Fate,

acquired a Life of its Own,

having been freed from some Incinerated Purpose.






And NOW... about that

Phoenix Phest! (FEST!)


The Dollmaker wishes to express her Gratitude for all the

checks, fabrics, art supplies, gift certificates, Smokey Doll purchases, mailings,

hand-made gifts, long talks, dinners, friendships, drives to faraway towns,

reconstruction, compassion, encouragement, help and support given to her 

throughout this past year since the fire burned her home and property...


So, one year later, on Labor Day Weekend,

(specifically on Sunday - Sept 2nd)

to commemorate the Healing that has occurred...

the Dollmaker is hosting...



We shall celebrate by eating Barbeque!


Please Do bring Side Dishes, your own Favorite Beverages and Musical Instruments.

If you have any Special Requests for the Grill, (vegetarian ideas etc)

Please call (before Aug 20th) 



Please DO RSVP if you can come

by emailing:


(We need to know how many Bumper-Stickers and Tee Shirts to make! hee hee)


Party Particulars:




PLACE: The Dollmaker's Reconstructed Property


If you have an Idea or a Question, Call Kandra at 512-332-6680




See you there!



I suggest you spend the next few days chilling out and
taking inventory of all that's changed.

-Rob Bresney








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