Okay folks... here's a match made in heaven...

The Dollmaker

is now a member of the



Come Back to the Doll Studio

for more arts and crafts!

 making Nametags (and More red hat Lady Pins too!)


And then a few days later....

the Crazy Crimsons Celebrate

 August Birthdays

Notice the Fashion Switch to:

 Purple Hat and Red Outfit

On a Red Hatter's Birthday Month, the colors are switched!

A Crazy Crimson Happy Birthday to the August gals!


Check out this Nifty Red Hatter Arts and Crafts Project

Fans from FORKS!

  There are FORKS in those there FANS, friends!

(and the center is Two Paper Plates)

Pretty FANcy!

Who Woulda Thunk it?





Red Hatters Win A Blue Ribbon

 in Elgin Western Days Parade!

Way too much FUN was had!

Stylin' in red cowgirl hats! And pickup trucks!

(And a purple-bandana-covered Hatmobile!)

A Truckload of Instigators!

The Crazy Crimson Girls from Bastrop, Texas (and beyond)!


Oh no! It's ShellGirl Hattitude!

Shell Girls in Progress The Transformation of ordinary Scallop Shells into

 Wee Red Hatter Pins
Each one a real character!
Dollmaker Red Hattering everything in sight!

shell girls
 Red Hatter Madness!  
 The Alice in Wonderland
Red (Mad) Hatter Tea Party
Mad Red Hatter Tea Party fused
Red Hats, Mad Hatter Hats, Wildly decorated Hats!  
   A Ladies Luncheon gone Mad!

and the Dollmaker was invited to be a Vendor!
And What a Frabjulous Tea Party it Was, Indeed!
By Order of the Red Queen:  Lunch First!
winning hat Check out the Winner of the
Hat Decorating Contest!

Just look at all the cool stuff
on Mary Ann's Awesome Red Hat!!!!

Now For the St. Patty's Day Luncheon,
 it was another story!

Gals Wore Green
A Chocolate Fountain was right on target for this event!  
Green on St. Pattys day
The Dollmaker is totally loving this.
green hatter group
As you can see the Dollmaker was caught without

an actual Green Hat! But luckily, there was..
Shopping Afterwards
Caravanning to Major Bling Outlet:
Sam Moon
where the Dollmaker bought herself
a Green Hat For Next Year



ALMardi Gras Luncheon at Murphy's

(Winchester, Texas)

  The Dollmaker's First Red Hat Luncheon 



Mardi Gras Hat Contest

My face in the mirror 

Isn’t wrinkled or drawn.

My house isn’t dirty

The cobwebs are gone. 

My garden looks lovely

And so does my lawn.

Oh, I think I might never

Put my glasses back on!




Red Hat Pledge 

I do solemnly swear, 

on my Red Hat...

I promise to greet

middle age with humor

and take my silliness seriously.

I promise to regularly practice

laughing and having fun.

I promise to wear my proper attire

at all functions.

I promise to eat dessert

before my meals,

if I want to.

Red Hatter Hat Decor!

The Dollmaker's Vision was: to have...  A photograph

with the Red Hatter Ladies wearing these pins!

like this photo....




Kandra Niagra, Dollmaker

PO Box 326

Smithville, Texas 78957

Phone: 512-360-2443

Email: bigkandra@aol.com






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