The Wee Peeple Newsletter

  June 2011        Issue 52  


... and the 3 month Drought continued....



ON a Windy  June 20th

There were 42 fires in

the State of Texas

and one of them was very near the Texas Renaissance Festival!


The Texas Forest Service Fire Activity Map

and then on June 22nd it rained!


Yay! Such a Blessing that was! It was a miracle!



Some more Mermaid Drawings...   This one will be a painting!




So, this month a strange thing happened....





WooWoo Doll Story


Now this is Reality


Once upon a time, pretty far from here, there lived an Ordinary Dude.

Though he was fairly tall, he had a lovely Lady Friend named Annette

who was quite Petite.

The lovely and Petite Annette wanted to give herself a Nick-Name, so she

combined the word Raisin (suggesting diminutive), with Annette, and came up with

A perfect nick-name!

jolly good   Remember this is reality

So one day Ordinary Dude

 GOOGLED the word 

and what picture do you think came up?





Whadayaknow!     A RaisAnnette Doll !!!

made from a Recycled Raisin box!  

Ordinary Dude was astonished at his discovery!

A most extraordinary coincidence!


was even spelled exactly the same way his Lady Friend spelled her Nick-Name!

{could there be a Higher Intelligence at work here?}

And- a BONUS! The doll was for sale!

He clicked on the Paypal button   

 and bought the RaisAnnette Doll

for his Lady Friend, RaisAnnette.






The Dollmaker was out of town for Memorial Day Weekend

and then spent some time  boarding up her shoppe for the year at Scarborough Faire

 the Renaissance Festival, so she didn't notice the email transaction right away.

So Ordinary Dude called the Dollmaker to check on the status of his order.

And that was how the Dollmaker found out about the other

"Encounter" by MC Escher


But it gets better.

When the Dollmaker created the RaisAnnette Doll last year,

in March of 2010

and called her- a reality doll

She never even remotely suspected the REALITY

 that somewhere out there was a real human RaisAnnette!

So, when Ordinary Dude sent  this picture to the Dollmaker

of the two RaisAnnettes, side by side,

all she could say was  OMG!  (OH MY GOD!)





 stranger than fiction






and now...

the return of the


the intrepid Captain Hereldo Amos Wadsworth

 Steampunk Soldier of Fortune!

to be continued...



Remember Mary Anne?

...from every year at the Texas Renaissance Festival...

You usually see pictures of Mary Anne at the Wee Peeple Doll counter!

(and if the audio were to be turned on you would be listening to her explaining

about how she is not going to be buying any more dolls this year... except these three right here...)


There really have been So MANY in the last 25 years! 

The Dollmaker's Inquiring Mind needed to know....

just HOW MANY Dolls did Mary Anne have?

This June the Dollmaker finally

 responded to a

long-standing invitation to




Almost 100 Dolls





And, really, the photographs go on and on...

a Jolly time was had by All at

Mary Anne: World Traveler, Perfect Hostess and Great Cook!

Her home was a Masterpiece in design and decor. The Dollmaker was positively delighted

to be so well represented amongst all the many exotic Treasures she collected while Journeying through Faraway Lands...

dragon teapots, intricately carved critters, fringed wall hangings and lampshades,

cupboards full of handmade pottery...

Strands of Beads in the Doorways! Magical Tribal Implements of Worship or Something!

The Dollmaker gloried in it all, really.

And the Dolls Really Like it there too!

Thanks Mary Anne! Had a great time! See you in the Fall! 



Red Hatters Win A Blue Ribbon

 in Elgin Western Days Parade!

Way too much FUN was had!

Stylin' in red cowgirl hats! And pickup trucks!

(And a purple-bandana-covered Hatmobile!)

A Truckload of Instigators!

The Crazy Crimson Girls from Bastrop, Texas (and beyond)!




"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive

and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

-Dr. Howard Thurman


Happy 4th of July!



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