Bastrop County, Texas....

Hotbed of Sacred Geometry!   Dollmaker discovers

Circles within circles... ever widening, ever narrowing...

What is it about this design that is ... so compelling...

so... Infinite...


Concentric Circles 

 don't have to be exactly round.

They just have to have a Common Center.




An ancient Design  



CONCENTRIC  RINGS  sometimes will indicate a "Progression", a layering or growth from the center outwards


Crater formation

Planetary Positions

Blood Vessels

Pine Tree Rings


oil on water

Solar System

Cellular Structure

Spider Webs


mushroom cap

raindrops on water

Ancient Stone Carvings

Cell Phone Circles

Magnetic Filings

The Earth's Core

Crop Circles in Ireland

tomato blight




The Tjuringa sacred stones  include a sun symbol identical to that of the Aten, the solar deity worshipped in Egypt around 1000 BC. In Atonist art, the Sun was depicted as having little hands that reached out to touch mankind.


Sacred Medicine Wheel


concentric castle

A field guide

to Rock Art Symbols says: 

The SUN is symbolized by

Three Concentric Circles

Signal Hill, Tucson, Arizona 

Photo J & E Faris, 1990


Van Gogh Used Concentric Circles

to represent Light


Rock Art

Saguaro National Park


Sego Canyon, Utah

Photo-Peter Faris, 1980


Neolithic Carvings


Illustration to Dante's Divine Comedy, Paradiso by Gustave Doré. Plate 34. Dante and Beatrice and the Heavenly Host of Angels (Canto 31: The Saintly Throng in the Form of a Rose)



"Nature's First Pattern"

Also called the Creation Pattern.

It is said that ALL FORM traces to this pattern

and each concentric circle is named:

"The Germ Of Life, The Seed Of Life, 

The Flower Of Life, and The Fruit Of Life."


which gets us off into 

Metatron's Cube and Sacred Geometry 

So, the humble Dollmaker looketh upon the prevalence of these

Natural Circles within Circles,

as well as these

Historically, Artistically  and Mathematically Celebrated

Circles within Circles, and shethinketh that there is

certainly Something Significantly Magical Afoot Here!


(or underfoot)

The Circle has generated a generous quantity of Lore and Legend,

most of it with some kind of irrefutable bent, such as...

"A circle has no beginning and no end."


and speaking of bent, even when a circle is bent around, it still has no beginning and no end.


So the Dollmaker wondereth...

How is it possible to create something that has no beginning and no end?


Nature does it by creating from the Center.




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