The Bogman Coat

made from a rectangle





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The Bogman Coat

Spring, 2007



Ah, so now it's goodbye to Scarborough Faire, a unique community of artists and eccentrics who come together during the most tumultuous time of the year, in Springtime, when the Return of the Green is throwing everyone's hormones into high gear, rivers are flooding, and mud is everywhere.

Within this community of nature-loving "alternative-thinkers", who are especially alternative in the Springtime, in the midst of all the natural and unnatural chaos, there is always one person- one interesting character- who, for me, stands out above all the rest.

This year it was- the Other Dollmaker.

We met one morning, in my Doll Shoppe at Scarborough Faire. Soon we realized that we had met before, when we were both much younger- 14 years ago I met Sandy in HER Doll Shoppe at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, where I purchased one of her dolls!

When we met again this year, in my shoppe this time, we were wise women sharing the highlights of our earth journeying.

We understood each other's dollmaking motives, and mirthfully confessed that we found our own ways to simplify the process so that we never did the parts we didn't like to do- like she is a Dollmaker who hates to sew and I am a Dollmaker who who hates to stuff- so we designed our own kind of dolls which minimized the sewing or stuffing...

So, indeed, we communicated deeply about many things, but the thing that impressed me most of all about her was

 her coat.

The coat she wore was strange and magical

and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

It was a patchwork of wonderful golden browns bursting and radiating into velvety tans and burgundies, studded everywhere with small jewels and blingies

 it had cuffs and a collar -and the way it hung-

 it was it's design that made it so- strangely familiar.

"Well, I made it, you know." She said, matter-of-factly.

I was speechless for a moment, my mind trying to catch up with this new information. And then she said,

"It's a Bog Coat. You know, like the one they found on that Bog Man."

I am shaking my head. No. "What Bog Man? I don't know the Bog Man.
Who is the Bog Man?"

"You know- the man they found in the BOG!"

"What man in the Bog? What BOG?"

"Ok, he was some prehistoric guy they found in a bog, from the Iron Age or something- he was remarkably well preserved. And he was wearing a coat similar to this one! They found, when they examined his garment, that it was nothing but a rectangle. This coat that I am wearing is made from a rectangle!"

I was just blown away by that-

so I went home that Sunday night and googled
"Bog Coat" Images... and there it was. The Pattern. The rectangle.

So... I had to try it. I made a sample Bog Coat for myself, from a rectangle.
It was easy and fun- and it has that strangely familiar,

 prehistoric boggish shape.

Of course, after that I had to be in my shoppe telling the kids,
"Oh by the way, would anyone like to see what was fashionable
in Prehistoric Times?"

 And I come out with my Bog Coat on...

... and they all go ... WoW!

Although hers was much more magical, 

this is the basic design of the coat:




made from a rectangle


Try it sometime!


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