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March  2015                        Issue  97




The Woman's Conference


An Annual event hosted each year in a different city

This year the Conference was held in the Embassy Suite Hotel in San Marcos, Texas



The Dollmaker kept expecting to see Twins standing in the Hallways...


the Wee Peeple Dolls were Heartily Welcomed Back to the Woman's Conference

after a 2-year hiatus

and the Dollmaker had a really good time.
















A whirlwind visit to Sherwood Forest Faire with friends

on a Cold Winter's Day






 but then... suddenly, it was










...where an Art Show was going on...

featuring really exceptionally fine art...




 nevertheless, as usual, The Dollmaker fell in love with a rock.

Hey, the Rockman Artist was from Alaska, so these were Alaskan Rocks!

 His idea was to accommodate a few small Wildflowers...

by making Stones into VASES!

and of course the Dollmaker had the matching stones at home!

(artist: Conrad Mentjes from Anchorage, Alaska)


What Art Exhibit? What Wildflowers?

What? When Holey Stones abound!

Is there anything else around?




she's waxing poetic



The Dollmaker had to be extracted

from a nearby streambed where she would have interacted 

for hours with the Spirits of Stones, entirely distracted...

What can she say... she just reacted!



Bliss is a box of Hoop Earrings and a collection of Holey Stones!

The Dollmaker thanks Alda and Olias

for the most hoop earrings she has ever seen in one place in her entire life!












 Back at home...  a fervent Moment of Georgia O'Keefe madness...

Winter snow melts to Irises






The Sophie's Dragon Tree

also a Wild Thing

flaunts huge ball-gown blooms..

The Dance of another Spring!




a first time for everything... the Dollmaker's first



Interestingly, Tulip Petals are also known to be edible!






The Illustrated Dolls



  Painting the character directly onto the fabric...



 Tree Spirits










Florida (bless it's heart),

while similar to improv theater,

just might have slightly more than the usual cast of colorful 


in residence... (documented by "Florida genre" novelists Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey

 and John D. MacDonald to name a few)



OUR story starts with these two

Owl Doll Constructions

purchased online and shipped to Mary Kay in... uh-oh ... Florida...

where it would be the nature of the beast that these Owls would attract the attention of

a non-conventional Resident, neighbor and dear friend of Mary Kay...

The SeaCrest Bird Lady!


 Flaming red hair, deeply tanned, dark sunglasses,

an incredibly huge flashy Parrot perched jauntily upon her shoulder

ambulating along the shoreline at an unhurried pace

the sublime sunset at her back and a party just ahead...


 The SeaCrest Bird Lady

wanted this scenario captured in a Doll.


The Dollmaker requested photos of the infamous avian accomplice..


When the Dollmaker met {the photos of}

Rio... This Splendid red Macaw...

as much as she admired his Grand Birdliness

she knew right away this wasn't happening.

Nope... this Dollmaker does not make Parrots!!!

the SeaCrest Bird Lady


So, it was decided that if the SeaCrest BirdLady

 could come up with a small parrot which

would fit on the shoulder of a doll,

the Dollmaker would consider making the doll.

Of course, being a Parrot Person,

the SeaCrest BirdLady

happened to have a small parrot....


But the Dollmaker

nixed it.

cute, but the beak wasn't right...

the SeaCrest BirdLady then went to ETSY,

searching for FELTED Parrots!!


FELTED Parrots, eh?

WELL, now.

Doesn't the Dollmaker know someone who does that sort of thing...

doesn't she know the

QUEEN of Felted Critters???


 So, as usual, Joyce was crazy-busy but Still, she liked the idea of the

Parrot on the shoulder of a Doll...

So... in the middle of getting ready for a show,

She perused through the SeaCrest Bird Lady Photos and

also pictures of parrot skeletons

 and before too long, Joyce was twisting wire, wrapping wool and


She Nailed the Parrot!


She even gave him adjustable claws- so he can actually perch

on the SeaCrest Bird Lady Doll's shoulder...



So now all the Dollmaker needs to do is make the

the SeaCrest Bird Lady Doll....



Next time...















The first sale

Thank you

Valerie Hudson
for being the first person to purchase a print of

the Stream




The Stream

This is actually a photograph

 of a print!


Making prints of her work is something the Dollmaker has always wanted to do.

Very happy with

Skyline Printers


Fabric Collage


High Quality Prints are now available



See the listing on ETSY:


Order Art Prints here






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