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 February  2015                    Issue  96




An old man and his Silver cat

Both wear Fungus as a hat

The Faeries  said: "How 'bout that!

Now We shall wear the Mushroom Hat!


adapted from a poem by Katrina (smltwnwriter)




Mushrooms and Beaded Ladypins

made for the Women's Conference in March



A Day in Austin...









From time to time

the Dollmaker and certain other helplessly out-of-bounds characters she knows

will acknowledge the disquieting need to experience

an Art Museum.


Whether the beholding of what is currently Sanctioned as ART

results in befuddlement, shock, vertigo, or euphoria...


Whether we crave sudden Encounters with Unexpected Materials

or Long Moments scrutinizing Mystifying Techniques


or the Stun-factor when brutally Provoked by Undisguised Truths... 

all of it- galvanizes the chemistry which causes us to make our own Art...




In the Downstairs Gallery

the present Exhibit at the Blanton is called


- a Collection of Art gathered
from other museums and private collections-

All in some way relating to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's.

(no photos allowed... darn!)


but... Upstairs...

 is where the Museum's Permanent Collection is on display...



Right down the street from the Capitol building!

Austin, Texas

and the snack bar serves wine!



Later, somewhere else in the city...

It was like entering Santa's Workshop! 

 The Austin Harmony Project

is a non-profit Organization on a Mission to

enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities

 through Art, Music and Community

So, the Dollmaker studied the many wondrous works of Art for sale on the walls

of their expansive Gallery/Workspace/Gift shop/Thrift store

eventually choosing for her purchase:

a Star made of coiled paper strips.

 (the Artist was eating lunch but did permit a photo)



Same day:

A visit to the Skyline Print Shop

The Dollmaker dropped off The Stream Fabric Collage at this Austin print shop

where a high quality photo was taken and prints were made.

Prints! exciting new direction...












In the Dark Ages, Before there was

Image b


Paintings were just a little... off.

Planes and Angles collided, Distance was perplexing and

Size was commensurate with Ego...


(who is the most Important Person in this picture?)

(HINT: The one who is almost as big as the Cathedral!)

now, then...

(possibly because derisive laughter is so debilitating...)

Renaissance Painters

began to scorn such presumptuously inaccurate visual inventions!


for them the problem was- How to represent Someone Important

without making him the size of a house.




It has been boldly proposed that

in essence, The Renaissance was about (a new)


and this is why DaVinci's  iconic mural

The Last Supper

has been proclaimed to be the definitive Painting of the Renaissance.


Here, the lines of the ceiling and walls direct the eye to a single point.

The head of the Most Important Person

 is unquestionably at the focal point of the painting

without having to use the prop of Exaggerating his Size!


so Balance and Symmetry and Proportion might prevail, as it should.


The Mural is located in the refectory (which is a dining hall, btw) of

the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy

In fact, the lines in the room itself

seem to travel into the vanishing point of the painting!


Of course, since 1495

Humanity's "taste in art" has changed somewhat dramatically...

nevertheless,  The Last Supper   is Still Iconic!

Not only has it been studied, scrutinized and assigned legendary status worldwide

for it's mystical connection to the Holy Grail, but it's also


 one of the Most Parodied Paintings in History!


Dallas artist Glen Tarnowski substituted Bugs Bunny for Jesus and other cartoon characters for disciples in his parody of "The Last Supper,"
which he called "The Gathering." (Chuck Jones Gallery)


The Last Supper Parodies









And even the Texas Renaissance Festival had it's

The Last Supper
Image by

Yes, Da Vinci's Painting of the Last Supper was Performed onstage!

Interactive Performance Art and Painting by Renaissance Man, Dave Sheppard

from 1989 through the 90's.







 Egg Carton Solutions

Egg Cartons Hold Exotic Granny Goddesses Upright!


Owl Shamen and Granny Goddesses

getting ready for the Woman's Conference in March...



A Jolly Fossil Hunt




...and while under the influence of Stone and Stream...

Stone Goddesses



and Stone Heads...


Geologists have a saying:

Rocks remember.


-Neil Armstrong









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