1. So the Dollmaker was looking around for some Bait

    for her Box-style "Varmint" Trap-


    when she found an old Fortune Cookie in a drawer-

    Hey- why not? Mice love sugar...


    She unwrapped it, tossed the Fortune Cookie into the trap...

    and promptly caught three Mice with that one Cookie...

    the totality of which the voracious rodents ate with wolverine-like efficiency... leaving

     The Fortune

    left curled up by itself in the trap.

    Uh-oh...Wait! What's this?

    A Random Variable?

     A gleefully spontaneous Potentiality dependent entirely upon Chance?

    You KNOW that the Dollmaker's Mind literally Seized Upon this Moment!

    she just Had to Know if

     somehow A Random Fortune from a Cookie long lost in a kitchen drawer

    could possibly contain a message Relevant to the Situation...

    She picked it up and uncurled it: