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July  2013                   Issue  77




"Contemplate the Origins of all the things you welcome into your Life."

-advice from a fortune cookie







 Origins?     well....



One day...

the Awesome Women were discussing Kate's boxed-up collection of

 Depression Glassware...

"We should USE it for something!" said we.


"Hey! Catherine and the Dollmaker are both turning 60 this summer!" said we.

No question about it. This was going to require a proper party!



So, really, all we needed was a formal dining room, party dresses, fancy hats and

a six-layer Doll Cake!

A Formal Dining Room was found at Catherine's House!

When the Dollmaker lived with Catherine after the fire, the Dining Room became their Dollmaking Workshop!

(ahem... it's pretty much been a Craft Workshop ever since... :D

but for this event we restored it to it's original Dining Room Status!)

Lovely Ladies dressed in Grand Style sat at table and chatted brightly.

T'was a jolly celebration, with fine handmade gifts, astonishingly delectable food,  

fascinatingly bizarre vases, wildly colorful flower arrangements and

delightfully fruity beverages...


 "Mature Ladies" just want to have FUN!



The Dollmaker's Dream Pumpkin Patch! It's happening!



Squirrel Medicine: Be Prepared!



Right. So it's the summer of Fire Drills and more

The Long-term Recovery Folks sent another Team of Volunteers this month!

They finished digging the dreaded Ditch!

And they raked and leveled a crushed-concrete pad...

...the Base for two more Rainwater Collection Tanks!


Rainwater Collection requires Gutters!

Dollmaker Learns she Ordered Seamless Gutters!

(Hooray! Seamless Gutters are the good kind!)

The Gutter Fellows arrived, parked, and proceeded to

Manufacture a (rather lengthy) Seamless Gutter

right from a machine in their truck! 108 feet long!

They laid it out in the driveway, then three guys toted it over to the building,

where all three got up on ladders and installed it...


A right jolly invention, those seamless gutters!


Austin Gutter King






Jeremy Brings his Auger!

Hey. At least the auger wears a seatbelt!

Whereupon, three log posts were set in the ground for the East Car Gate.

(notice how the impudent grass in the background appears to be laughing...)



July 2013: The wooden Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe Sign gets a facelift!

For almost thirty years this sign has hung out front at the


Time at last for the raised lettering to be reinforced with construction adhesive

and the whole thing re-painted.



For the longest time the Dollmaker could not figure out...

What to do with all those

Trim Samples!

Create a Textured Fiber Art Vase!

 If you want to try this at home,

first cover your bottle with Tile Adhesive, then, when that is dry,

adhere your trim pieces with hot glue.

See the Bottle Doll Tutorial Page for instructions on how to cover the bottle to reinforce it:





And nothing conveys "Found Object" like Driveway Rocks!

Gettin Down with this Flash Herd of Minimalist Rock Critters








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 Squirrel who likes to sit in the Wood Rose Arbor



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