The Wee Peeple Newsletter

December  2012             Issue  70


Petunia's Christmas Eve Tea Party

composed of scavenged and reconstructed objects which were

burned in the fire and plucked from the Ashes

 featuring Members of a small battalion of Teapots, charred but intact

Survivors from the Dollmaker's old


 Miniature Teapot Collection!

Let the Crumpets Roll!!





So... it's

Time for Reflection 

and as much as she adores participating in the Seasons of Merriment...

The Dollmaker Loves the Season of Rest.

...and shall now Honor the Intelligence of the


who Hibernates during cold weather!



The "Time of Darkness"

also known as: Winter

according to the sacred texts, is the Time to Receive Nourishment from

The Great Void!

hmmmm... just how is this done?

Well, connecting with the Great Void, in Native Tradition, is called

Entering the Dreamtime...

However, in "Senior" Tradition this practice is more informally known as:

Entering the NAP TIME!

Again the Great Bear leads the Way...




Check out the Story of

 Befana and the Three Wise Men!


What?... Now, how did a Witch get into That Story?

     Is this another attempted infiltration of Halloweenly-Modified-Organisms bent on zombifying the "Status Quo"?    

     NO!  She is just from An Older Version of the Famous Legend...

Befana puppets commonly sold in stores in Italy...

Yes, folks, in Italy, the Primary Mythical Gift-Giver is portrayed

not as a Jolly old Man toting a huge sack of toys in a flying sled,

but as a Jolly old Woman balancing a huge sack of toys on a flying broomstick!

In point of fact, a Jolly old Witch!

"Buon Natale"

("Good Christmas")


It goes to show: Do Kids care who brings the Toys? NO!

Colorful fragments shooting through a Parallel-Thoughts Universe:

Friends find themselves simultaneously gripped by a synchronistic new passion for


The Dollmaker's experiments with Adhesives and Grouts



Just tying up a loose End... of the World... here...

Dollmaker'sTranslation of: an 'End'

It's as far as one can go before one reaches the Beginning again.

 What is a Solstice, anyway?

Why do we have a "longest night" and a "shortest day"?

ok, The TILT of the Earth's Axis always stays the same,

But when the Tilt is AWAY from the Sun,

the North Pole (and the whole Northern Hemisphere) tilt toward Dark Space...

(and when we see Dark Space, we think: Night!)

Yes, there is evidence that as far back as Neolithic Times, Humans might have

 become a bit obsessed with determining the exact mathematical moment when this

 notorious cycle would end and begin again.



Read more about the many ways in which the Winter Solstice is celebrated:

more info:

The Herb Cottage Newsletter

Winter Solstice Issue





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