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January  2012                     Issue  59


Hunkering down in 2012

With hard-boiled, rust-marbled Political Operative, Stan the Can Opener Man;

 Reality Interpreter, Will SeeStraightThroughMyHead; and

 Endtimes Promoter, Clyde Clatterlips


 It's finally arrived!

But just read this!


 (Greek: "lifting of the veil" or "revelation")  -is actually

a Disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind

in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception,

i.e. the veil to be lifted.




As has been aptly proven in Our Times,

It's really more fun when "A Disclosure" and a "Lifting of the Veil"

is interpreted to mean:




Well, now, so the Dollmaker,

having already gotten the jump on the Apocalyptic Times,

and, in the spirit of the Mayan Elder's Reassurances that:

"We are Not All Going to Die, We're just Going to Change!"


she presents

A Sculptural Tribute to Eschatology

(from the Greek eschatos meaning "last" and -logy meaning "the study of")

The study of what people believe to be

the final events of history,

the ultimate destiny of humanity

commonly referred to as the End of the World.




So, for the Eschatology Sculpture Exhibition

(on display in Storage Unit #2)

She describes the Overthrow of World Order

in terms of the Vague yet Meaningfully Familiar Shapes of Airborne Particles

...perfect for walls which are slightly burned...

 Electric Stove Coils in Flight,

(flaking rust may accumulate beneath some of these sculptures...)

And the latest! An Apocalyptically Modified Three Little Pigs Purse!

uh-oh... what happened to the first little piggy... ouch.




"A writer - and, I believe, generally all persons -
must think that whatever happens to him or her

is a resource."

 -said author Jorge Luis Borges.

 "All that happens to us, including 
...our misfortunes...

all is given to us as
raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art."





"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction".

-Pablo Picasso


Weeforestation, Weenewal, and Weebirth!

But first let's knock down some WALLS!

Seven gone... Only three storage units left...

leaving a long empty slab...

...and the Big Block Candy Mountain....


"Let's see you flip a coin with that Excavator!"

They did it too. (shakes head) What a bunch of crazy guys!

Avant-Grunge! Post-Demolition Abstract Spiralism!

was spontaneously employed to transform this dreary slab

into an inviting Neo-Apocalyptic Party Patio!

 Home Sweet Home....

January 23rd: The first Party-Anyway





 Every day something new in the driveway...


Not More Heavy Equipment!

What happens when these guys show up?

The Dollmaker gets a new UTILITY POLE!

-and a Security Light-

FREE! Compliments of Bluebonnet Electric

Thanks guys.

There's not much to light up back there, but it's a start!






















A mattress

 on the floor

is a place

to sleep

but it's not a bed.



the Dollmaker

went to

Home Depot

and bought

ten 2x4's

(white wood)

and a box of


and with the help

of her brand new

Compound Miter Saw

(or... in contractor slang-

a Chop Saw)

was able to

construct a bed

which got

the mattress

 off the floor

and had lots of

good storage space






 Accurate Chop Saw Cuts  definitely Rock.

FYI:   The Ridgid brand Chop Saw has a device that holds the wood in place.

 Lots of other brands don't have this feature,

 but the Dollmaker finds that the satisfaction of an extremely accurate cut

 hinges on being able to hold the wood tightly in place.

This Life is



Many Heads

(So much can be done with one small Potato!)


Avante-Grunge Potato Printmaking


...and Melanie Harth was dreaming about a Goddess Doll.

but Hmmm... should it be a Light Goddess or a Dark Goddess?

Eventually she let the Dollmaker decide...


The Dollmaker went with...

Who IS this Dark Goddess?

the Dollmaker wondered

as she realized that she was being drawn into the Tidal Pull of this headstrong Doll who

 was demanding that her deep blue robes be adorned with Seashells...

(HuH? Why am I putting shells on this Doll?)

... the Dollmaker tried to insist...  But You are probably really a Mother Night...

You know, All Life sheltered under Your Dark Winter Cloak...

You know! First Doll of the Year! Hello!

But the Dark Doll would not listen.




for weeks the Dollmaker had been slowly reading Dion Fortune's mystical book:

The Sea Priestess



...when she got to the part where the asthmatic guy is trapped

inside this cool Sea Fort during a horrendous Storm,

helplessly listening to the bashing of the heavy seas against the cliffs...

The sheer terror of the situation inspired her to paint...

The Sea Storm

"...The din was indescribable.

 There was the high shrill screeching of the gale,

every pinnacle of rock and point of the building whistling it's own note:

then there was the general roar of the sea all around us,

and the thundering bang, bang, bang, as the breakers hit the point broadside on;

there was a furious rushing sound as the broken water raced up the rocks,

and the smack and spatter of the crests of the waves coming over into the forecourt...

 Through it all came clarion-calls and bells..."

-inspirational excerpt from

Dion Fortune's book: The Sea Priestess

Hmmm... Then the Dollmaker got it.

 When she stood in front of the painting of the Sea Storm,

the mysterious Dark Doll's True Identity was revealed.





The WeeForestation Continues....


Wee Peeple Tree Peeple

carrying on the TreeConstruction of the Forests



And thoughts of breezy Treasure Islands replace thoughts of

a mean relentlessly hot Sun...



The vibe of the Water Dragon....







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