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March  2012                     Issue  61


The Peach House Project!

 Gardening, Path-building and Hole-Digging




With plenty of Rain and temperatures in the 80's

New Green Growth Returns with a vengeance...

Creeping, Covering everything that was burned.

Two Tomato Plants in the ground!  Looking good so far! ^^^^

Planting even a meager Spring Garden has been SO Healing!


Now, then....

Priorities for



Springtime didst come upon us...

And the Digging of Post Holes didst Commence!

Yay! A Privacy Fence!

 The Peach House Project:

Building Sacred Space - 80 feet from the highway!

 Breathing a sigh of Relief to finally have some privacy!

The Peach House Project: Making the Space Livable


With the installation of a Washer and Dryer! (Yahoo!)


Resurrect- An act of returning from death to life.

-Websters Dictionary


All the Originals- All the Master Copies of the

Wee Peeple Doll Tags

were destroyed in the Great Fire... SO... In March...

The Dollmaker set to work...




etc etc etc... Hopefully they will all be done by the time Scarborough Faire opens...


...yes, folks, you know it's coming...

It's already visible through the Fairy Dust Haze...


Never to be confused with Scarborough Faire, "some kind of Weird Fantasy Festival" !

Where, if you spot someone dressed like Darth Vader,

you should charitably hand him a plastic Easter Egg.


(Sherwood Forest Faire also became Sherwood Forest Faire, the Renaissance Festival....) (hmmm)

The Dollmaker would like to know... Why?


Speaking of Sherwood... yes, the Dollmaker did return to

...this time with

The Girls...

-All traveling under Assumed Names- (by Order of the fairy, Blossom)

"Captain Violet", "Citronella", "Treena", "Butterfly", and the fairy, "Blossom"!

A motley mix of "Usual Suspects" recognized them anyway,

including at least one Wizard, two Extraordinary Woodworkers, and the Captain's Darling Daughter.



Opening on Easter Weekend....


Wait! Wait! What are the Important Dates?


Opening Day: Saturday April 7th

Closing Day: Memorial Day Monday... May 28th


That would be 8 Weekends, folks, Plenty of Time to plan

The Faire opens at 10AM

By the way, there are actually around 15 Smokey Dolls still left

and they will be There too at Scarborough Faire.


So... What's New in the World of the Wees?

A new Stick Puppet Design is in the works

Last month the Dolls wanted to sit together. Now they want to play together.


 Stands for the new Peeple Puppets will be available as well.


and now... a Sneak Peak at some

These will certainly be showing up on Dolls and Wall Hangings

at Scarborough Faire the Renaissance Festival!





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