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February  2012                     Issue  60






Sanctum: a sacred place, a place where one is free from intrusion


Your Story is Your Spell.

-Meg Barnhouse 

(rowdy minister/musician/songwriter/author and keynote speaker at the Woman's Conference)




Being a Pilgrim


To journey without being changed

is to be a nomad.

To change without journeying

is to be a chameleon.

To journey and to be transformed

by the journey

is to be a pilgrim.


-Mark Nepo

from "The Book of Awakening"








a Smokey Figurine, entitled


made by the Dollmaker from the charred but interesting remains of her

possessions, has now been donated to

a group dedicated to support communities devastated by natural disaster

through the organization and exhibition of Art created from the Ashes!

Check out the Information for their Bastrop Exhibition    (website)    (Facebook)




And now for something completely different...



Couches have a long history of being cool... or should we say HOT!



Displaying the BeadHead Dolls has been somewhat of a Challenge...



Now, On a Couch

the BeadHead Dolls can Relax and Visit, as Dolls so adore to do,

whilst their luxuriously long strands drape over the edge

 cascading downwards.



Links to the Exceptionally Cool/Hot Couches above:




 A Short Visit to Sherwood Forest Faire


with Brother Catamite from the Sacred Suffering Brothers of Saint Swivens

(that would be... Larry.)

...well, the meager news is... we got there late on Opening Day

and it was very cold and windy...

so we grabbed a Medieval Taco, drank a Dark Beer, listened to the Bard, and left,


but more than likely, we'll be BACK!




“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
~ Joseph Campbell ~





The Dollmaker was accompanied by Catherine Lewis, Apprentice Dollmaker, to the

2012 Woman's Conference held in Clear Lake, Texas

where they set up right next to


the Dollmaker's dear old friend, Lucia,

(Founding Goddess of Lucia's Garden in Houston) who was

 selling Metaphysical Books...  



Let the Massive Trades begin!

The Dollmaker came home with 9 Books and 3 Decks of Cards including a Tarot Deck.

Her Metaphysical Library is coming Back!


And, Speaking of Coming Back...

Strange Wild Broccoli Flowering in the Backyard Sanctuary

is attracting Honey Bees!

The Bees are Back!

But... Broccoli?

Never has Broccoli just come up by itself back there.



And these days...

the Deer come close.

(the Dollmaker finds Hoofprints in the soft dirt of the driveway,

 about 100 feet from the front door.)



It HAS been raining... but...

Lake Travis in Feb 2012

(while house-hunting in the Hill Country the Dollmaker checked out the Lake- Yikes!)

Lake Travis has not recovered from the Drought and is full of Islands!


Keep Raining!




 Dollmaker Succumbs To


Cute Overload.

 The Dollmaker HAD to Have this little Fellow!!

SO AdoRable!

He was Created by Joyce Hazelrig of Gypsyharte Artes

Remember Joyce?

Joyce has embraced the Art of Felting!

Check out her pages on Facebook and ETSY!!/gypsyharte!/GypsyharteArts



If you follow your bliss,

you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you,

 and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living.

When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss,

 and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid,

and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be.

~ Joseph Campbell ~



Black Panther ... Elusive Guide

to and through

the Unknown




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"The great secret of magic is fourfold:

to KNOW what has to be done,

to WILL what is required,

to DARE what must be attempted,

and to KEEP SILENT with discernment."

-Eliphas Levi- a 19th-century author and hermetic magician



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