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August  2012                     Issue  66




Soaking up Inspiration from Arches and Arbors

The Dollmaker and her companions: Cindy Wexler and Catherine Lewis

wandered through the Wildflower Gardens, mounting spiraling stone staircases,

drinking in the Stillness, Peace and Beauty

and visiting the

Origami Exhibit

Wonderful Likenesses! Intricate critters made of folded paper!


Friends, Gardens, Art, Shopping...

and a plethora of Amazing Photo Opportunities...

A "Ladies Day Out" was just what the Dollmaker needed!

 Dollmaker Escapes Construction Site!  Flees to Sanctuary!

Summer of ReConstruction almost over! (yes!)

and NOW to dig into that Treasure Trove of Smokey Stuff...




Bobbins and can openers and toenail clippers, oh my!

During Construction, vast quantities of rust-fleck-ejecting Smokey Bits

got shuffled and re-organized. Let the boxes now be Opened and

Let the Smokey Olympics commence!



 Garage Geometry

  "The Inner Sanctum Wall Mural"

Hey a Smokey garage wall is as good a place as any

to study the language of





 Sacred? Geometry? You mean, like... Math?


Well, Plato said:  "God geometrizes continually."


Hmmm, the Dollmaker thought:  Oh!  so... it's like... "Higher" Math!


Geometry: The branch of Mathematics which addresses questions of

shape, size, and position in space.


 Geometry started out in early cultures as a body of practical knowledge concerning

 lengths, areas and volumes.




And... Okay, this is Legit folks, LOL, believe it or not, there actually exists

an ancient esoteric Mathematical Creation Legend!

Indeed! Actually, the Dollmaker found more than one Version!

So now she feels compelled to attempt to Explain

the Saga of our Geometrical Origins....

...her way...



Fairly long ago...

...way back anywhere/always in the Meaningless Timeless Endlessness...

 ...there was just Space.

An invisible, heaving, dense, churning, indeterminate Nothingness!


...and Then...

the first "Thing" erupted into manifestation...


A single Point.



Well, that did it. The rest is history.

Because that seemingly insignificantly infinitesimal

 little Point

Vibrated the sensitive Matrix of Space in every direction at once...

and when something gets started in SPACE, well,


it's practically impossible to stop it...

 Rings expanded from the center outwards...



And the very first geometrical shape was born:

The Circle.

Mathematicians, brandishing compasses,

found this momentous event to be unprecedented...

 "We know what this is!"... they shouted!

"Bound Space!"

 the same Space as before, but with a Boundary!

...which would make it

delightfully and irresistibly


And So, with grand flourish, GEOMETRY embraced the BIG PICTURE!

Euclid, a Greek Mathematician...aka: The Father of Geometry...

 drawing a circle with a compass




Ok, so far. Now where does it get "Sacred"?

Right Here....

Geometry heralds the Spiraling Outward or whatever it takes to beget

a Second Circle.

Ah, the far-reaching Implications of a Second Circle!

This may just look like two intersecting circles to the untrained eye....

But the astonishing fact is that This is a Major Symbol in Esoteric Geometry!

"The Womb of the Universe!" (small symbol, big concept)

That's right, folks, two Circles

form the Gateway through which Creation Legends may appear.

Scholars call that oval-like shape in the center: the Vesica Piscis

(the name literally means "the bladder of a fish" in Latin... but anyway...)


The Vesica Piscis...  "Womb of Life"


From the Microcosm (cell division) to the Macrocosm (Crop Circles)

Not to mention the shape of the Magnetic Field around the Earth!


The Vesica Piscis is a Symbol found in Art

as well as Nature.


Okay, now that was ONLY Two Circles, folks.

It gets much more interesting... just imagine the practical uses for

Three Intersecting Circles!

for example:

credit for the VENN DIAGRAM of Human Destruction goes to Snorg Tees


(Geometry- you gotta love it!)  Keep drawing circles around the central circle

and we might innocently end up with...

Boink! Another Sacred Diagram. This one known as the...

(BTW, anyone can do this...)

And if you got real diligent (like the guy in this video) and went round and round,

finding every intersecting point and drawing a circle there...

the diagram would soon become 


 19 intersecting circles becomes the


In Egypt...

Inside the Temple of Osiris... down within the deepest and oldest chamber 

etched into a stone block 

by some unknown method (Probably Extraterrestrial Beings)

 this ancient image was etched, they say, like a laser etching.


The Flower of Life!


And far away,

in China,

the Flower of Life design seemed important to them too!

 Beautifully inscribed on a Ball which represents "the World" and

 Guarded (or possessed by) this seriously No-nonsense Imperial Guardian Lion.

( Ming Dynasty stone lion in front of the Gate of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City, Bejing, China)


Supreme Harmony.... or else!  yikes.


Now, then...

Where there is Seed and Flower, there must be Fruit!

Subtract six and get 13 Circles

And, this Folks, is the Sacred Trump Card of Geometry!

It's even named after an Angel:

Metatron's Cube

(image by Charles Gilchrist)

A humble design composed of plain circles...

which contains within it, all five Platonic Solids.

Now, the Platonic Solids

hmmm... consider the Concept of "Perfection"...

 Revered as:  Fundamental Components of the Physical Universe!


Truly a Geometrical Triumph!

Plato and his contemporaries went nuts! 

Their precise 3-dimensional mathematical symmetry and aesthetic beauty...

is only surpassed by their functionality!



The Five Platonic Solids, Explained in 3D

The Dollmaker adores Animated Explanations!



so... Are we EVOLVING yet?

Oh no- wait! ...Mathematicians are nowhere near done yet.

Sacred Geometry glistens

along the spiderweb parameters

of the Physical Universe,

spiraling in and out of Black Wholes,

surfing Concentric Circles, Swan-diving through Dimensions...



Is there a Geometric Model, then,

for the Shape of the Infinite Universe?


 Of Course there is!





uh-oh. Infinity is Reality!

For Scientists and Mathematicians, the Final Frontier is Infinity!

They have been "rounding off" the equations long enough.

No need, anymore... not with this handy new model for Infinity!

It's the same donut model that worked for Black Holes...


"The more things change, the more they remain the same."


 The Double Torus

The Pinnacle of Geometrical Creation Theory!

This model, Friends, explains Everything. Need the Dollmaker say more?

A Model for Infinity, which includes an "Outward" phase

and an "Inward" phase. A BOLD Model for...yes....

The Life Cycle Itself!


Want to know more? check out this link:


Plans and Schemes are coming together for


Party Date: Sunday September 2nd




There will be a "TRADE TABLE"

Bring your Trade Goods. Leave something. Take something.

By order of the Fire Goddess: Everybody gets Something!


but BYOB!


Big Thanks to David Hermes and Doug Richardson

for their generous donations of

 Tee Shirts and Bumper Stickers

depicting the Phoenix Uprising Concept!


Songs of Peace, Songs of Hope, Songs of Joy and Songs of Tomatoes!

The sweet and easy music of Sarah Page

shall be performed Live in the Garage!

Jams and outbursts of song expected and anticipated! Bring instruments!



Dollmaker and Company are providing the Feasting Meats and Green Salad,

but Please DO grace our tables with your own scrumptious side dishes or desserts!

(The latest report is: we have enough potato salad!)


Neighbor Dave and his son Josh will be cooking

1. chopped pork 2. chicken 3. sausage

and for the kids and the Scurrilious... 4. Hot Dogs!

Three Cheers for the Big Guys! The Dollmaker has Awesome Dudes for neighbors!


Now Folks, You know You Do Not have to Dress Up for this Event...

UNLESS you Want To wear a Silly Hat... or something...



A wagon and dollies will be available

to transport coolers, watermelons, etc, from cars to partyM



Party Parking for Phoenix Phenomena:

Look for the Bright Yellow Phoenix Signs

They will say: "Phoenix Parking"




There will be folding chairs, but if you want to

actually relax and be comfortable, bring a lawn chair.

(Dress for a mostly outdoor venue.)

See you soon.








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