The Wee Peeple Newsletter

December  2011                                 Issue  58


Creating Christmas with available materials.

 A (not so Wee) Tree Construction

built entirely of interesting pieces of burned gnarly metal.

 Lit up in Blue. It looks good from the highway.

Indeed! For 2011

 Nothing says Season's Greetings like Gnarly Metal !

I took my tree down to the shore
The garland, and the silver star
To find my peace, and grieve no more
To heal this place inside my heart.

On every branch I laid some bread
And hungry birds filled up the sky
They rang like bells around my head
They sang my spirit back to life.

One tiny child can change the world
One shining light can show the way
Through all my tears, for what I’ve lost
There’s still my joy
There’s still my joy
For Christmas day

The snow comes down on empty sand
There’s tinsel moonlight on the waves
My soul was lost, but here I am
So this must be amazing grace.

One tiny child can change the world
One shining light can show the way
Beyond these tears for what I’ve lost
There’s still my joy
There’s still my joy
For Christmas day
There’s still my joy for Christmas day.


Lyrics: Melissa Manchester

Hear the Song:


Snails are thriving in Galveston.

So is Steampunk!!!


A Steampunk Dickens Weekend

Taking a much needed break after the Texas Renaissance Festival,

the Dollmaker ventured back to her old stomping grounds...

Ah, Dickens on the Strand!

Tally was a grand hostess

(although the Dollmaker had an unnerving conversation with her parrot!  Loved the Parrot.)

And Thanks for driving, Larr!

so... there she was. Good old warm wassail, Victorian costumes and Colonel Bubbie...

But what did she see that she never saw before...?


 Steampunk GOGGLES! 

The Mind-Boggling Goggling Sensibility!

There was Even a

Steampunk Goggle Christmas Tree!

Outlandish and Other-Worldly! Airship Isabella stood ready to rivet,

while a wicked Steampunk Bob-Zombie (Bob Marley Zombie) staggered, zombified, nearby.

The Dollmaker was happy to get to the beach, the holey stones and the shells!



The Bulldozers are Coming!

The Bulldozers are Coming!

Now, the term "Bulldozer"

mostly means: It's large and it moves dirt.

...and the Dollmaker was always content with that definition.

So she wondered why the neighbor was making the sign of the cross when she said:

"the Bulldozers are Coming!"



December. Ta da.

The Dollmaker made it through the Great Festival and all the way

home. what awaited her: a nasty mess and a deadline to get it cleaned up.

Never fear!

Once again, hidden like a crystal in the muck, was a golden opportunity.

The unlovely mess afforded the Dollmaker the required "necessity"

to do something she always wanted to do.

Operate a Bobcat.

She didn't even know that the real name for these little beauties is

 "Skid-Steer Loader".

But she learned that when she watched the You-Tube Videos.

(Thanks once again, YouTube, because the guy who dropped off the rental skid loader stayed about one minute to show

 her how to operate it, waved goodbye and yelled "Good luck!"! This is why the Dollmaker decided to go very slowly all

 day long and presumably why the neighbor kept making the sign for "Yawn". )

View the Full Slideshow Here:



Ok, Ok, so it wasn't actually a BUllDozer...

and the Dollmaker didn't do this:

...but all it took was a nod...

Yeah! Knock it down! Let's build a mountain out of the rubble!

Yeah! A Big Thanks goes out to Jackie

for CAREFULLY clearing the space where the home used to be


and to Jackie and his son, James, for being totally onboard for

 the Smokey Christmas Tree Vision.

(see the Smokey Metal Tree lit up at night- right out on Highway 71 between Bastrop and Smithville)



How could these fragile sand dollars survive a house falling on top of them?

Sand Dollars? You have GOT to be kidding!


The last treasure found was near the sand dollars, rolled up in rubble.

 The Dollmaker found a very special little egg cup 

with her childhood name written on it...

which somehow survived the fire, completely intact.

 ...probably now the Dollmaker's  oldest possession.

Her brother, Paul, has a matching chick egg cup with his name written on it,

and all she ever knew about these chick egg cups was

that they were special gifts, given by her dearly departed mother,

sometime during early childhood.

But! More Surprises awaited!

When she posted the above picture on Facebook,

her grandmother's sister's daughter, Barbara,

responded with great glee! And posted this picture:

She had one too!

The Dollmaker never knew that her own great aunt (Barbara's mother)

 made these cups in a Ceramics class over 50 years ago

and there's no telling who she gave them to, or how many were made!

Now How cool is that?



Taking time to rest in winter....

May you have a very

and a Happy New Year!

In the coming months may you surround your self with the highest influences,

 associate your self with the most inspiring symbols,

and identify your self with the most ennobling creativity.

The Dollmaker would never have dreamed in a million years

that, in 2011, she would be having her own personal "Burning Man Festival"

In reflecting back over the year,

what she remembers more than anything

is how so many people stepped forward to help her. 

Thank you SO MUCH all you people!

To the ones who know her and the ones who don't even know her...

The Dollmaker thanks you ALL from the bottom of her heart!




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