The Battle of the Giant Lizards



The Dollmaker goes to Florida

Yes, while sitting on a bench at a bus stop in the middle of the city of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, waiting for the City Bus, the Dollmaker looked up to see why the tropical-looking lady seated next to her was pointing and exclaiming,

"Oh look! They are coming!"



The fellow passenger did not mean that the busses were coming. Iguanas were approaching.

Iguanas on the sidewalk!  Boldly sauntering out from the thick palm frond style shrubbery.

Crossing the sidewalk to eat something in the grass, like a bunch of squirrels!

The Dollmaker-Tourista, using rapid-fire reflexes nobody knew she had,

whipped out her camera and took off sprinting-sneaking down the sidewalk after them.

When she got back to her brother Paul's house, with tales of giant Iguanas emerging from the brush,

surprising unsuspecting Touristas in the middle of the city, brother Paul looked at the pictures and said-

Oh no! Those green ones are only babies!

What you want to see are the big guys! When they get big they turn orange...

Heh heh. So...

The Dollmaker Goes to the Park

remember those scenes in the old King Kong and Godzilla movies....

Where Giant Lizards Battle it out... the park, the Dollmaker was tip-toeing along the brushy fence line,

holding her camera straight out in front of her, when suddenly out poked a head.

She froze, focusing. Got it. Then, before she could take a breath, a second head popped out even closer,

another large male Iguana. Focus. Focus. Good. Good.

That would have been enough. Just those two shots.

But no.The Dollmaker was about to witness a real show as the two of them confidently strode out onto the turf,

 or, to phrase it more scientifically... the "Territory"...

Oh but wait! What is this! Right there, winking and blinking those chameleon-style eyeballs of hers!

Oh it's a FEMALE! ...looking first at one big male and then at the other,

and in the flash of a whipping tail, now you've  got..."Territorial".


The average person walking or driving around on the paved roadways of the park in a golf cart

might never guess that this particular little stretch of grass along the side of the road

 was a full-blown Territory complete with a little King who had his own problems.

The Lady Iguana was undoubtedly impressed-

She kept looking around to see if her girlfriends were watching. They were.


The Dollmaker had a great time in Florida- Thanks for the hospitality, dear brother Paul! (Capitano!)

...and the good tip on where to go to see the big guys!





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