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October  2013                   Issue  80




'Tis Forbidden to express (aloud) a single grumpy thought on the subject of

 The Rain

Nevertheless, certain Catpeeple Trick-or-Treaters Will express themselves.


However, right now, for the Dollmaker, it's ALL about  

oh  tee hee  tee hee

Yes, it's happening as we breathe folks.

Multitudes have Magnetized together once again for the


Braying and giggling and cavorting about in gleefully-assumed

"Other Identities"...

 A staggeringly imaginative Mead-Altered Reality!

Wherein one Could encounter seriously seductive creatures

who sing and twirl and hop.




Yes, Reality Bends so genuinely here in this Festive World, that it is not uncommon

to notice a Barbarian from pre-history waiting with Superman for

 Dionysus and Tinker Bell

to finish watching the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood eat a sausage on a stick

(without taking off the mask- think about that for a minute)

so that they can all go catch the stage show

of their favorite Wise-ass Talking Skeleton, Ded Bob!

See why we love this place?

So now, Welcome to the Doll Shoppe!

as they say.... HUZZAH!

(The Notorious) Mary Anne of Wee Peeple Doll Ownership Fame

poses here with her 141st Wee Peeple Doll Construction:

A Mushroom Goddess!

A few Steampunker-Cats went along with her as well...


But she didn't think she had an open space for

these Tall Mushroom Goddesses to achieve a proper silhouette...


Mushroom Goddesses startle Top Runway Designers!

Statuesque Mushroom Goddesses pose for the Press here with agents and managers...


Speaking of Managers...

The Dollmaker is delighted to introduce

 Lady Gwen the Virtuous!

yay! Wee Peeple's new Shoppe Manager

 Genteel and Resourceful, a real  Renaissance Lady, respected  locally for her ability to materialize that most Elusive of Creatures:

the Electric Leaf Blower!






so... to refresh the memory...

 The Renaissance... What was it, really?



Was it really about Jousting?



During the Renaissance, Baldassare Castiglione

wrote "The Book of the Courtier"

 ...a guide on how to become a Renaissance Man.



{also known as "Universal Man" or  "Man of the World"}

"...should have a detached, cool, nonchalant attitude,

and speak well, sing, recite poetry, have proper bearing, be athletic,

know the humanities and classics, paint and draw and possess many other skills,

 always without showy or boastful behavior,

in short, with "sprezzatura". [nonchalance]




Examples of "a Renaissance Man" would be:

Leone Battista Alberti

 Painter, poet, medalist, philosopher,

hydraulic engineer, cryptographer, musician,

architect, and writer-novelist

Isaac Newton (1643–1727)

Physicist, mathematician,

astronomer, theologian,

natural philosopher,

and alchemist.

Galileo Galilei (15641642)

Scientist, mathematician, 

astronomer, physicist,

philosopher and flautist.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) 

 Painter, sculptor, engineer, astronomer, anatomist, biologist, geologist, physicist, architect, philosopher, inventor, humanist.

Z'Ahn (early 21st century)

Photogenic Professor of Peculiarities,


Eccentric, Time-Bandit


 (List of More Renaissance Men)


Not one "Renaissance Man" was distinguished for his

Jousting abilities!?

Surely they Joust! 




"Re-Imagine the Situation."

-the I Ching






Suppose you are a bewildered Festival-Goer mucking aimlessly about-

hoping to somehow accidentally stumble upon the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe...

Well now. This is for you.  A Map of the Texas Renaissance Festival:

The Wee Peeple Dolls are in  Shoppe  #145

...located at the bottom right hand corner of the map

near the Odeon Stage!



Now To dispel More Insidious Rumors! Inside Information!

For Texas Renaissance Festival-Goers:

Another map. This one traces out a possible route for a

proposed Toll Road (#249) which, if built, would

pass about 2-3 miles to the north of the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Known provincially as "Todd Mission"

the Faire is shown in yellow at the bottom right hand corner of the map.

This "New Road" is rumored to be finished within our lifetimes.




A Dollmaking Frenzy!

Friends and Relatives show up to help at the Wee Peeple Doll Studio


Thanks Everybody for all your help!

And a Special big thanks to Larry Boozer and Ray Drapela

who took over the Driving-to-the-Faire Job this October

for John Bond who had a motorcycle accident.

(John is in a back brace and is not happy about it, but he's alive! Heal Well, John!)


Darling Daughter Shannon starting to show signs of

"Orange Fever"

These are her latest Crocheted Creations!

Exceedingly adorable PUMPKINS!!!

so, folks...









Contact Us


About the Dolls

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  512-332-6680    cell phone

    PO Box 326       Smithville, TX  78957

 October 12th -  December 1st

Shoppe #145

Take your first hard left

when you come in the front gate






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Coming Up Next! Pirate Weekend!

See you There- at the Faire!

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