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August  2013                   Issue  78



Summertime.   A trip to the Seashore....



on the beach at sunrise... with the fisher birds..


The Infinite Shore  lyrics

I place my heart upon the sea
and feel the salt water carrying me...  away
My dreams the sail... my heart the boat...
and love the ocean that keeps me afloat

Night and day

All the tears that I have cried
Love has softly unified
Found the joy within the pain,
washed me like the rain
In every union we explore... a single sea... an infinite shore.
The sacred unknown.
The tide is high. The tide is low.
The journey both to love and let go, but never know.

Place your heart upon the sea
Trust the flow of destiny.
Leave what you have known before.
Find another shore...

Sail over the wave
Let the universe inspire
Take the path of your desire

Place your heart upon the sea
Trust the flow of destiny
Leave what you have known before
Find another shore

Sail over the wave
Fear is power to the brave
Let the Universe inspire
Take the path of your desire...

Ahh, Ahh






Special Requests for Scarecrows are going in this direction....

Using those cool Plasti-Dipped hands!





An article written by Kim Walker:

Sometimes we may walk into a room with some purpose in mind,

only to completely forget what that purpose was!
 Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.


 Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered

that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as

an Event Boundary

in the mind,

 separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next.

Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room

and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.

 Now the punch line goes:


 Thank goodness for studies like this.

We're not old and forgetful, it’s the damn doors! 



But the Dollmaker is curious about this concept of


NOT "Event Horizon"

which describes the spherical outer boundary of a "Black Hole"

oftentimes affectionately referred to as "The point of no return."

because at this point the gravitational pull of the black hole is so great

as to make escape impossible.


No! No! THIS is

 "Event Boundary"

Totally different. The study of short-term memory.

Brains helpfully perceive a difference between

 “what is happening now”  and  “what just happened.”



To the Brain:  perceptually segment THIS:

Event #1:   Mermaid Dolls...

which led to...

Event #2:  Belly Dancer Dolls...

which inevitably led to

Event #3: Wall Art Dolls!

Which simultaneously arose with

Event #4: Scarecrows!





Special Order

Blue Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar

for Kimberly Key




What's so "Improbable"...


For example... in "real life"...

"Things just don't disappear and appear again all by themselves!"




...ahem.. well, actually... they do... All the time...!







For the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe #145

At this time the Dollmaker is still grappling with the design...




Certain things... Do just Appear...

Sometimes it's tomato hornworms and spider mites...

But this time...

August: The golden yellow Double Datura

(It was just a little stick from Tally's garden in Galveston...)

 has Bloomed: wow.

Remember that Christmas Tree made of Burned stuff...


Today - on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend-

it's been Two Years, exactly,

since the great Fire (Mega Event Boundary)

which changed everything.

And the Dollmaker gives thanks

for that whole business

...for much good came of it...




Here's the link to that story:



"The Obstacle is the Path."

-Zen Proverb






An interesting journey into a Black Hole


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An Awesome Birthday Present!




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