The Wee Peeple Newsletter

 March   2014                   Issue  85



Things! Things! Things!



A whole section of fence dedicated to

"Things that Burned" but "did not disappear".


The Wall of The Resurrection of Burned Objects

is not just a Suspended-Metal Garden Shrine.

It's also a Birdfeeder.

Note the red Cardinal who found Sunflower Seeds within the Intricacies



It was a March..

the March of 2007

when the first Wee Peeple Newsletter was published online.

(oh how short and sweet it was back then...)

...but all those monthly Newsletters...

Veritably a virtually variegated version of

Wee Peeple Doll Construction History!

The Dollmaker wishes to Review the Winding Course which led her to

this day

which would be like following trails of octopus ink

through a waterspout ...

Nevertheless, at least there is a starting point...


In March of 2007

.... there were the Mini-Wee Dolls...


in April 2007... The Bottle Dolls



May 2007... The Bead Head Dolls



June 2007... Flying Fairies                July 2007... Decorated Crystals



August 2007... Celebration Dolls



October 2007... With Shannon Stacy, Clothespin Angels


Jan 2008... Spiral Doilies         (also Animations)



Feb 2008... Brooches



March 2008... Doll Houses made from Baskets



April 2008... Crystal Peeple and Mini-Wee Owls



May 2008.. Yarny Things


June 2008.. The Wee Men, with Joel Cyzak


... Resin Doll Heads and Hands



July 2008... Resin Doll Bodies



July 2008... Mermaids



August 2008... Wall Hangings



Stone Carvings and Plaster Casts...



September 2008... Resin Cat Heads...


and Kitchen Witches...



 November 2008... Folk Art Catpeeple Dolls (Soft Sculpture)



January 2009... Polymer Clay Dolls (Sculpey)


August-Sept 2009... The Flower Joy Dolls and Hair Accessories



October 2009... The Newbie Wee Dolls



November 2009... Animal Totems


January 2010... Stacking Stones


February 2010... "Reality Dolls" (RecycleArt)


March 2010... Dolls in Frames- the first "Art Dolls Only" Challenge


April 2010... Steampunk Doll Constructions


May 2010... Alice in Wonderland Doll Constructions


 Hurricane Dolls  (makeovers)



July-August 2010... Grimm's Fairytale Challenge and Tarot Card Challenge



Sept 2010...  Vintage style Graphic Arts... Printmaking/Pins


Sept 2010... First You Tube Video


October 2010... Animal Eyes and blue Avatar-like Characters


January 2011... Red Hatter Bling

 Shell Girls in Progress      


February 2011... The Woopi-Wee Dolls


February 2011... Val of The Traveling Doll Project



March 2011... The Bobbing SpoonGirl Quartet


May 2011...  Mermaids, Painted Fabric


July 2011... Arbors and Archways



August 2011... Spirit Dwellings, Gazebos and Wee Shrines



September 2011... The Smokey Dolls (Bastrop Wildfire Survivors)


October 2011... The Recovery Dolls (with Catherine Lewis)


November 2011... Tree Peeple Doll Constructions


December 2011... Burned Metal Construction



January 2012... Bed-building


March 2012... New Doll Tags



Stick Puppets and Doll Heads made from Bottle Caps


April 2012... Fantasy Bird Peeple


May 2012... Shoulder Owls



May 2012.. Art from the Ashes



September 2012... Magic Sculpt Figures


November 2012... The Elementals (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)


December 2012... Smokey Mosaics and Assemblages



 February 2013... Experiments with Plasti-Dip



February 2013... Souvenir Mermaid Dolls (for Scarborough Faire Mermaid Event)


   April-May 2013... Mushrooms    


...and Mushroom Peeple 


...and Ravens


Aug-Sept 2013... Scarecrows


Harvest Goddesses, Wall Art Dolls



and the Shoppe Banner (for the Texas Renaissance Festival)


January 2014... ThoughtForms (Clusters in Suspension)



and Rock Critters



 Such a busy little Dollmaker

who mercifully did not include in this Summary:

 Doll Classes, Paintings, Shows, Catastrophes and Plant Life

(ALL of which were reported upon exhaustively in seven years of Newsletters!)



Here's the link to all the Past Newsletters:





Seems like Now it must be time for

"Something Completely Different!"





Unsupervised Armadillo-like Rock Critter chomping down upon a Bakery Muffin...

(surly little bugger)



the Dollmaker has spent the last weeks of Winter deep-cleaning

and LO! The Workbench Still Exists!

The Dollmaker hasn't seen the surface of the Dollmaking Table in two years!



Well, that surface didn't stay clear for long...






Remember the Sophie's Dragon Tree?

This is it's Third Spring... and it's first Bloom!





 the Highway Garden's First (and only) Purple Iris

{ The Masterpiece of some very talented Flower Fairies and

a gift from Felting FarmerLady Lee- Thank you Lee and Company! }



Hail! Hail! To the End of Winter!





...exploring the mysteries of feeling really good...




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