The Wee Peeple Newsletter

January 2014                   Issue  83



Nothing happens until something moves.

-Albert Einstein




The Path is the Goal.


-old Zen saying









Fragments, bits of memory,  

caught up together like fish in a net

connected jumbles of mixed meanings

floating, wondering

what it's all about...





Thought Form:

Memory Trumps Rust




Thought Form:

Tapering to Something Finer


Thought Form:

A Luminescent Heart








Miss Shannon turned 26 this month!



Happy Birthday

to Darling Daughter Shannon!






And now...

The Dollmaker's Home Discovery Network recognizes:

Surprising little


The Dollmaker could not resist the blatant invitation.

What? You WANT us to draw on the sidewalk!

So the Dollmaker drew the Sea...

 (Photo credit goes to Cindy Wexler

who owns that fabulous Lumix camera that the Dollmaker wants badly!)


Smithville, Texas

Home of the Bone Spirits  Distillery!

One day Larry just made a U-turn

 curious to see if the sign pointed to an actual Distillery.

It did.

No kidding! There is an actual Distillery in Smithville, Texas



The Dollmaker also discovered that

her Favorite place to eat... 

The Olde World Bakery

has opened back up!

This time in- check it out... Downtown...


The Olde World Bakery

Right on Main Street next to the Smithville Playhouse

(where Keridwyn Hershberger will be starring in a play for the next two weekends!)

Facebook Page:




Right around the corner from a groundbreakingly special and unique

dining experience... You help Humanity and Eat at the same time at

 The Comfort Cafe


On 1st Street in Downtown Smithville

(yes, you did read that right- Pay what you can. And the food is great!)

Supporting the efforts of Recovering Humans who have lost themselves in their Addictions.

(geeze- who hasn't at one time or another lost themselves in their addictions? Just sayin...)

The Dollmaker wholeheartedly supports this Recovery Program.

Open from 8-3 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Their Facebook Page:




Smithville held it's own

 this January too!

Where the Dollmaker met a Fire Fighter who is also an artist!

 She makes these Bracelets from the brass couplings

which were inside burned up Fire Hoses!

The very same fire hoses which  were used to put out that huge Bastrop Fire!




Just keeping an eye on things...


and also there have been a few...






But it's mostly time for..



Thought Form:



The Dollmaker's dearest friend and companion, her dog, Mason,

passed away, in her arms, on January 27th.


oh Mase...

Your Spirit Runs Now!

You Run! And Run! Fast! Real fast, like you did when you were a young dog!

Your ears fly back as you run ahead of a pack of laughing, barking

Spirit Dogs! Oh how you Run!

Like the Wind!

Mason, my beloved friend,

You are the Wind...




A Memorial Slideshow Honoring and Commemorating

the Life of Mason:





Rest in Peace Dear Noble Companion (He was 18 years old!)





I am Source Energy

in a physical body

living in the perfect environment

at the perfect time

interacting with the perfect set of other Creators

for the purpose of taking Thought joyously beyond

that which it has been before.

I came because I wanted to be here.

and I have just renewed that Desire

to be here.




-Esther Hicks, (Abraham) The Power of the Vortex ... You Tube Video

(and for now, and as always, We Remain, Incomplete.)














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