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"The mushroom is an object of mystery, blooming in thick fogs of superstition,

it's roots reaching into the deepest cellars of the human unconscious."

-Tom Robbins (Tibetan Peach Pie)






(Caterpillar Approved!)


It was a natural evolution from single Mushrooms to




The Underrated Mushroom

such a humble fungi....


except that it is now known to be

the largest living thing on the planet (our planet)

Yes! a Fungus... the Giant Armillaria Ostoyae Mushroom Cluster

is considered to be ONE creature with many little heads!

No good photos are available because it lives almost entirely underground.

It is presently still growing, presumably contentedly, under more than 2,385 acres

in a protected forest in Oregon...

Unfortunately the Trees there are not protected from the Mushroom...

Basically, One giant Killer Mushroom.

(which does in fact, kill the trees in it's vicinity by robbing them of moisture)

We only see it's "fruiting bodies" above ground- but this mushroom is a monster!



Here's a You Tube video that explains the Gynormity of this species of mushroom:









ah, science...

but we digress....










The number that showed up on the Dollmaker's phone was unfamiliar,

but she answered it anyway.

 A woman identifying herself as Josette Fuller

explained that she had recently inherited over 1,000 Dolls!



(The Dollmaker had to chuckle- she knows what a home filled with 1,000 Dolls looks like! It's astonishing!)


One Doll, in particular, stood out for Josette,

 because it was unusual, but also because it had won a Blue Ribbon at a Doll Show!

Josette looked at the Tags on this Doll,

 found the Wee Peeple Website online, called the Dollmaker, sent photographs,

and before the proverbial Crystal Ball had cleared...

Josette had that Doll wrapped up, in the mail, and on his way back Home to Mama!!



The Dollmaker hadn't seen Tora, the Crystal Ball Wizard

in 27 Years!!!

... Not since he had found (an evidently awesome) home back in 1987...


Tora the Wizard's reunion with the Dollmaker!




In the Dollmaker's personal collection of Wee Peeple Dolls

~which burned in the fire~

there had been... a Crystal Ball Wizard...

So, it was especially wonderful

to own an Original Wee Peeple Crystal Ball Wizard again!

Thank you so much, Josette!








A rising tide lifts all boats.

-American proverb




the Splendid, the Scientific, the Sublime

Summer Solsticee
 face="Comic Sans MS" size="6" color="#CC0099">e!

Besides being yet another reason for Human Jubilation and/or Consternation...

Exactly what is a Summer Solstice, anyway?

Every year, around June 21st...

while Farmers tend to crops, what's happening in Space?

Even without NASA, ancient people knew about "the longest day of the year"...

As we observe the Northern Hemisphere (located above the Equator)   

we note that there is a shadow {or absence of shadow} on the North Pole

 As the Earth orbits the sun

The TILT of the Earth's Axis always stays the same

 the tilted Northern Hemisphere moves into position

so that eventually it points totally toward the sun- (oops- no more shadow on the North Pole!)

Now the Northern Hemisphere is hot because of that long daily Sun exposure

and this is our Summer.


and in the fat middle of it all is the longest day

 the Summer Solstice


 Precision Monuments determining the Exact Moment of Maximum Sunlight

 have been engineered, throughout Time, by the Astronomically Astute (Obsessed)...

Nevertheless, after which moment, inevitably and unceremoniously

our Earth promptly continues Her Journey around

to the other side of the Sun again.

 Inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere, ready or not, will reliably experience Winter

when the Earth's axis points away from the Sun into Cold Space again (North Pole in Shadow)



but for now...





 It's the continuing (seriously, endless) Saga of the Life Cycle of

The Dollmaker wonders why she is STILL Observing

the Life Cycle of the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly... hmmmm

 They just keep hatching!

The Dollmaker watched four butterflies hatch in one morning.



Gulf Frits!! Hatching and Flitting and Multiplying everywhere!

Yes, really! 

(and once again the Dollmaker was standing there with the camera...)






hmmm... LOL... so on that note...



Have a






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October 11th - November 30th, 2014


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