The Wee Peeple Newsletter

 April   2014                   Issue  86



Teaching the Texas Four-Step 

Versatile little buggers...


The Dollmaker and Friends

and a Billion Bluebonnets

 all enjoyed the breezy warmth of an April Saturday...

on the road to




Best of Show:

Tintype Fork Folk

created by

Fine Artist,

David Curles



Massive Quantities of Fine Art did the trick, truly inspiring the Dollmaker

who succeeded in coming out of her winter funk and thereafter started making dolls again.


and not a moment too soon...



Yes, There are some Wee Peeple Dolls at

Thanks to the US Postal Service and

Lisa Durham, Doll Courier



Since the Dollmaker is not always there in person...

Lisa receives shipments of Wee Dolls at her home in Waxahachie...

She then happily delivers the Wee Dolls

to ye olde solde Doll Shoppe

on Saturday mornings

 (Shoppe #158 in the Pecan Grove)

at Scarborough Faire

(the Renaissance Festival)

 Now Known As:

This passel of baby

 Mushroom Goddesses

came in last week!



 Elegant Bunnies made their debut on Easter weekend

And by next weekend this guy will be ready...

 The largest Tree Peeple Character constructed in three years...

 (around two feet tall)

So, in answer to the oft-unspoken question:

"Are the Wee Peeple still at Scarborough Faire the Renaissance Festival?"


There are SOME Wee Peeple Doll Constructions

at Scarborough Faire the Renaissance Festival.

They shall be found residing amongst the most unusual and

 Maps, Talismans, and Rings in that Faire Kingdom...



 ThoughtForms now have Fork ARMS

excuse me...?

Yes, formerly only characterized by dangling tags, trinkets, beads, baubles,

watches, necklaces, belts, small plastic animals and key rings,

Now ThoughtForms have Arms.


This ThoughtForm is called:

"You Hold the Key"


 See the little Forkie Arms.

They even have fingers and can hold things!


 A further Personification.

Random objects, such as Timepieces, which have served as Rudimentary Heads 

have lately become more... shall we say...

 Masked, Shamanic, Horned and vaguely Plague-Doctoresque

with the promise of Cow-Skull and Raven-Beak

in some kind of totemic alignment...



Embodied Travelers wandering through

 Scarborough Faire the Renaissance Festival

 will soon be able to see these new ones.


now then...

A renewed association with an old Dollmaking Apprentice

 led to an agreement to collaborate on a few new Dollmaking Projects...

 Remember Joel? And the Wee Men?

Well, now, Joel, a resourceful fellow, discovered a new material

with Dollmaking applications:


Thermoplastics! Starting with Doll Masks

this is going to get pretty exciting.

Check out the Worbla Website at:







Soul Nourishment Time

was taken at Lake Whitney

which led to... the Dollmaker discovering this  



Ok, it's not the most perfect specimen in the world,

but it's the first big guy the Dollmaker has found in over ten years!



Two weeks later:

The Dollmaker was out in the spring sunshine just digging up the grass

and there was this smooth rock in the dirt:



The Rune for Wholeness


A Rune lovingly etched on a river stone for the Dollmaker long ago

by Woodcarver Paul, who used Runes every day.

 Burned, bulldozed, buried, and accidentally found again!


Answers are never far

from where you really are.


The Dollmaker Gives Thanks

for random and unexpected Clues to the Meaning of Life in the dirt.



It is now Spring (and sometimes already feels like summer) in

...where ROSES have been blooming like Never before...

Let-us just say

t'was a rapturous day...

The Day the Dollmaker

for the first time ever, harvested from her own garden



(edible lettuce)

And speaking of Eating...


...in Small Town News... the Dollmaker enjoyed

Samplings of savory Soups

expertly made by Participating Local Restaurants... OMG!

for the  EMPTY BOWL PROJECT of Smithville



 Besides a delightful variety of Gourmet Soups...

...included in the price of Admission for this Charity Event

was the entitlement to one uniquely crafted SOUP BOWL! 


The Dollmaker beheld Tables!   Crammed together on folding tables...

were Hundreds of colorful Soup Bowls made by school children!

After careening around the tables a few times, inspecting, selecting, exchanging....

the Dollmaker decided upon this Special Bowl at...

 Feeding People is an awesome thing to do.



...exploring the mysteries of feeling really good...




Thanks everyone, for your amazing support, kind words and wishes of karmic retribution for the perpetrators

who recently Hacked the Dollmaker's AOL Mail Controls,

and for your responses to the subsequent seemingly endless testing

that was necessary in order to evolve to a (hopefully) safer internet connection.

From now on this newsletter will come from




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