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To see a world in a grain of sand,

A heaven in a wild flower,

To hold infinity

in the palm of your hand,

and eternity in an hour.

-William Blake





The Dollmaker's latest painting, entitled:

As Above, So Below





The Wall of Resurrection

now appropriately adorned in Resurrected Robes of Summer Greenery..


The large-leaf plants are Angel Trumpet Trees, the vine with the yellow flowers is a wild gourd,

 and that is Peppermint creeping up from below...

The huge plant encroaching from the right is a wild white night-blooming Datura.




Man of the Forest

 A Special Order for Cathy Patman, who has several other Wee Peeple Dolls...

The Man of the Forest was delighted to join them... but he had to get past

The Dragon first!!!

His technique was to "befriend" the Dragon.

(matter-of-factly setting an example for Governments everywhere.)


Getting ready for the Texas Renaissance Festival

making lots of Doll bodies in advance...

A LOT of sewing required...

And the Dollmaker just flat-out needed a new machine.

She did the research. She settled on the Janome HD-1000. Why?

Well, check out this You Tube Video...

Go to Minute "1:30" where Vince Arcuri sews (a Zig-Zag Stitch)

all the way down a wooden yardstick using this machine...

The Dollmaker  was convinced... nay, Impressed.



The Link on You Tube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql7rY9ow7pY


Sew far, the Janome HD-1000 is living up to expectations...

although the Dollmaker has not tried to sew her rulers together just yet....

Still, a lot of work is getting done without the thread breaking or the machine needing to be adjusted in any way

A big time saver, when the sewing machine is so wonderfully cooperative!

This was a good choice for a reasonably priced ($200 vs. $2000) industrial-strength sewing machine.










The World of Do-It-Yourself



This month Inspiration came from Joyce Hazelrig

 and her adorable little KITS

Joyce shares her Felting Expertise by providing

Do-It-Yourself Needle Felting Kits!

Look here! Anyone can make a darling little Needle Felted Pumpkin!

 Joyce personally shows you how, starring in her own

 Pumpkin-making Tutorial Video!

(See it on You Tube... or watch it right here:)


The DIY Pumpkin Needle Felting Kit includes an ounce of core wool, 2 felting needles,

orange, brown, and black wool, a foam base and Instructions

Basically all you need to get started:


Are the Kits for sale in her shop on ETSY? Why, yes:


And you can go "beyond pumpkins"...

How about felting a couple of cool little Pocket Ninjas! (they could fight together!)




Here's the accompanying Ninja You Tube Tutorial:







So.... now the Dollmaker wants to create KITS too!!!



The "Ravioli" Heads

A Simple 3-Dimensional Head Style with a raised front and a flat back

Easy, Fast and Fun to Decorate and, (with a pin on the back), perfect for use as a Brooch!



So, the Dollmaker got the idea that her first KIT should be a "Brooch Kit"...

 The Angel Brooch Kit

The visual directions for assembly will be printed out thusly:

The Angel Pin Kit will include:

One blank Ravioli Head

(Okay, some Heads will have a face pre-printed on them for people who think they can't draw a face),

one set of wings, Lace for the collar, yarn for a small wig,

a spray of beads, a few flowers, a large safety pin for the back,

a scrap of fabric to affix the pin, and Instructions.

Here's another version with fancier wings...


 Lots of variations of these KITS will be possible.

And they will be available in time for Christmas

at the


NOW then... The Ravioli Heads had a Destiny greater still...

 Yes indeed! This band of intrepid Heads went on to Inspire a whole new line of Dolls!

They are made by bending the ravioli head around to form a neck and shoulders

 These new Doll Constructions were nick-named...

affectionately.... the "Ravioli-Heads"... but later re-named...


RoundHeads inspire Floral Explosions!

Well, yes. The "wrapped-ravioli" Head Construction being somewhat...upswept...

is certainly vividly suggestive of an "aerial explosion".

This Doll Style also embraces recycled plastic vitamin bottles,

which actually give the little doll bodies a gently rounded feminine shape....

(How about That!)

Hmmmm... It sometimes happens that the dolls resemble the real people the Dollmaker knows......




Speaking of Awesome Women....

 And thanks for the haircut!















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