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  May 2015                        Issue  99


A new Painting


  As Above, So Below

...from a strange dream

of Gyrode fossils spiraling up out of the mud...







Crystal Hunting In Arkansas


Darling daughter Shannon, Crackerjack Chad, Larry and the Dollmaker enjoyed

a whirlwind Arkansas Crystal Hunting Adventure!

It had been TOO LONG! 




and on the way home they stopped along the shores of the Caddo River

 where stones with white crystal streaks can be found...

and the Dollmaker found an extra special one...

The "K" Stone



Hope to go back again soon!





Image bBerry Picking in Smithville


It's been an incredible season for Berry Picking!

As Natasha and Neilie found out, the old abandoned vegetable garden in the "back 40"

has been "Occupied" by Dewberry Vines!

This year it was "on demand" Berry Picking!


How things DO change!









the Dollmaker appears to be on another

 Cheshire Cat Spree


(remember LAST Time...)


For sure, the Dollmaker understood that, like the Mona Lisa,

 it was the SMILE that bespoke the Icon...





hmmm... but she still wondered about the back-story...


A Stepped-up Investigation of  

The Cheshire Cat's Smile



What inspired Lewis Carroll?

Did he Know any Smiling Cats?

For lovers of language, the imagination, and feline mischief

 one of the most resonant images in the tale of Alice in Wonderland


 is the Smiling Cheshire Cat..



this "Smiling Cat Issue" we find out, is hotly debated.



 Cheshire Cat Fans want to know!!! And Argue!

What Imagery made an impression upon Lewis Carroll?

Do Cats in Cheshire County, England actually smile?  

 Is the Icon derived from a Real Cat breed?

How deeply did Carroll intend its meaning to run?


If they DO smile... WHY?



Hard questions...

Yet, hotly debated anyway,

 like so many Other Questions {not only for deceased authors} which shall never be answered...

 but the Dollmaker digresses...



“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice!




Curious Minds are driven to ask:

What is really going on with this mysterious Smiling Cat?


Here are the Clues...

Possibility #1


Regarding the Issue of the Inspiration for the Cheshire Cat being a Real Cat:

The British Shorthair is the most likely suspect

the habitat of this breed being: Cheshire County, England!

Since Lewis Carroll grew up in Cheshire County,

he might have even had one of these cats as a pet!

And Some DO Say: This breed of Cat has a natural Smile.


The British Shorthair is a well-balanced, medium to large, sturdy cat

with a powerful body, a broad chest, short, strong, substantial legs and a thick tail.

 Round is the key word for the British Shorthair, accurately describing the head, cheeks, eyes and paws.

 One of the most appealing features of the British Shorthair is their built-in smile caused by their round whisker pads.

 The smile is like Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire cat; originally a tabby British Shorthair.




Cheshire, England

(could pass for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series..)




Possibility #2


Possibility #4



Therefore... the safest and probably most accurate Speculation would seem to be:

"All of the above."


and that sounds about right to the Dollmaker too....


Lewis Carroll
















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