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May 2011            Issue 51


Girls just want to love Dolls!



...Steampunk Comic to be continued...


Home of


Improved Universe!

(Ahead of his time....)

A Spinning Universe cleverly constructed from wheelchair wheels and rubber balls which Noobler found around his yard and somehow attached to a slowly rotating Ryobi drill.

It also belches bubbles and smoke!

the Renaissance Festival...

(where you should not see Darth Vader, but you might, anyway)  

 One more weekend left!

A Specially handmade Red Hat for a Dollmaker!

Hatmaker Kathel has outdone herself again!

but Wait!


On that same day...

Leigh Love came trotting into the Doll Shop

carrying... A RED HAT

which she had made especially for the Dollmaker!

 When you think!   All those summertime luncheons coming up! 

 Really, a girl can never have too many

Red Hats!

Thankyou Gorgeous Goddess Girlfriends!


...Speaking of Universes... 


Early one Saturday morning (at Scarborough Faire, the Renaissance Festival)

while being walked erratically by the dog, Mason, across large expanses of lawn...

coffee cup splashing over one hand, dog leash jerking at the other,

the Dollmaker gradually, unexpectedly, became aware of the existence of

a parallel Universe...

one might even say... a Wormhole...



Scarborough Faire   Home of Zillions of

Aha, a  clue

to  what's  going  on  in  a  very  near  but  very



 Worm Castings!

Tunneling beneath Scarborough Faire the Renaissance Festival...

Earthworms mind their own business in a Universe of Solid Dirt!

Cultivating a chronic, low-grade rapture, while nudging, pushing and swallowing dirt, worms excavate at night,

carefully depositing the fertile castings at the mouths of their burrows in neat piles we call


"Archaeologists are probably not aware how much they owe to worms

for the preservation of many ancient objects.

Coins, gold ornaments, stone implements, etc, if dropped on the surface of the ground,

will infallibly be buried by the castings of worms in a few years,

and will thus be safely preserved."


ON Soil Improvement:

or Middens

Also known as Worm Castles, or Worm Towers, these carefully placed nodules of excrement cleverly disguise  burrow entrances! There are worms down there, folks. Lots of them!

Middens dissolve over time and, as they do,

the soil gets fertilized!

Worms eat soil and decomposing plant materials as they burrow. Good soil may hold up to a million worms per acre eating as much as 10 tons of leaves and other plant matter per year. Their castings are rich in nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, all important nutrients for healthy soil.

Worms do not love Music!

On Vibration:

Two worms remained quite indifferent to the sound of the piano,

But when their pot was placed on top of the piano and the note C in the bass clef was struck, both instantly retreated into their burrows. See? Si!


Worm Myth-Busting!

TRUE: Only one end of the worm has a mouth used for eating, the other end of the worm is for excreting.

This system does not work backwards.


Do you see a Respiratory organ anywhere in there? Like, a lung...?

NO!  So how do they Breathe?

On Eyesight:

Worms don't really have eyes EITHER, but can detect LIGHT by its intensity and by its duration.

On Mobility:

 Worms can crawl backwards as well as forwards. (If they must)

Worms don't really flee too well from:

Snakes, birds, toads, rodents, moles, foxes, certain beetles, slugs, or humans.

The truth is: worms get eaten quite often.... They may THINK (or not... after all, no BRAIN) that they are disguising their burrows, but really, how easy is it to spot a Worm Tower?

just sayin...

On Breathing:

  Worms DO need to breathe air

 in those stuffy little burrows of theirs... so how do they do it?

They breathe through their skin.

(Just think about that for a minute!)

On Eating:

Earthworms especially love cabbage leaves and onion bulbs!

  "On nine occasions cabbage and onion pieces were buried in pots, beneath about a quarter of an inch of common garden soil...

and they were always discovered by the worms."

excerpts from:

 The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms by Charles Darwin



 Mermaids {attempt to} Rise Again!


this time they are...

The mermaid studies


Painted Fabric Constructions

inspired by goldfish tails



Still workin on it...



"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."



Etsy News

A Wee Peeple Cat Witch was included in this Etsy Treasury

 Curator:    radicalminiatures


The Dollmaker's Etsy Team- ART DOLLS ONLY-

 holds an event each year called the

Remember Val?

 Val was started by Dollmaker, Kandra Niagra, here in Smithville, Texas.  Then she journeyed to Days Creek Oregon, to visit with Dollmaker, Rachel Whetzel.

Rachel added hair and a striped undergarment

(which kind of matches her Barred-Rock Hens!)

and this is what VAL looks like right now.

 She will travel to Buffalo, New York next to visit with Dollmaker, Nicole Johnson.




Sky Haiku


Angel Council meets

in the Cloud Coliseum.

Watching, we drive home.



Home again... to the Garden!

Tomatoes ripening     yay

Hey! ceaseless Repetition can be FUN!


Lift up thy...

Mother's Day cup!


Hope you had a


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