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August 2015                        Issue  102


Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time to get ready for the Faire

buying and cutting fabrics, constructing doll bodies and

soft sculpturing doll heads...



and in the fat middle of it all...


What's this?


Just look at those NOSES!

It's the return of the

Wee Men!


Back in the day (circa 2008), the original

Wee Men

were characterized by their excessively short stature

and their large, seamlessly modeled


(a Wee Man Nobleman from 2008)

Those original old noses were constructed using Super Sculpey

which tended to be somewhat unstable... hands broke off... not good.



whereas the hands and the heads of the

 New (and Improved!)

 Wee Men

(Now sporting even more prominent NOSES)

have lately been constructed using

Remember (hard-as-a-rock) Magic Sculpt?

...the epoxy putty...

which the Dollmaker has used for everything EXCEPT Dollmaking




guess it's Time to "head on" over...

and construct DOLL Heads with it!




heh heh... brother Paul turned out to be a great

 'Nose Model'

as well as a great Fisherman...

Captain Paul in Alaska

catching Salmon and Halibut




Wee Men

 predictably became an Instant Preoccupation with the Dollmaker...




 One day, standing presumptuously (even accusingly) blocking the cosmic dollmaking portal

a transsexual Witch with unnaturally green curly hair pointed her wand

 beckoning to the Dollmaker...

It seemed she was determined to convey a message...





(though somewhat brusque, the Witch did have a righteous point...)

Wee Wimmen!

ok, ok.





 But then, quite impossibly


 all those blissful dollmaking activities came to a

screeching halt

when a notification arrived from cousin Shari in Florida...


Apothecary Bottles!

Shari sent the Dollmaker this fabulous link:

A Tutorial on How To Make these Outstanding

Apothecary Bottles

from ordinary recycled Vitamin Bottles...

Magia Mia's ETSY Page:


The Dollmaker simply had to try it!


She followed the tutorial... using hot glue, sandpaper, and a paint called "chalk paint"

the Dollmaker made her own "chalk paint" using acrylic paint and Plaster of Paris...

it was easy and fun!


She experimented making a few bottles, but then moved on to..

...what else?


She actually also used the technique on cardboard, glass, wood, ceramic tiles and shells

 A fun way to make signage for the Doll Shoppe..

In fact, if truth be told,

the Dollmaker got quite carried away with this idea also.



Two all-consuming ideas in one month.


(the Dollmaker was beginning to wonder for a while there)


But that's really it...


Other than having a birthday and enjoying some time with family and friends:



...and there was Jonathon's Owl...


...that's pretty much it..



oh- except for a renewed interest in quantum physics...




hee hee


Ok, Summarizing....


Remember in science class when nobody could see an atom so

there were those helpful visual aids:

 Models of Atoms...

where Science prevailed upon the Imagination to 

portray as inviolate miniature solar systems

tiny billiard ball electrons orbiting merrily on dizzying, yet quite precise pathways

around a color-coded multi-balled nucleus...


Seemed legit...!




Too bad all that became so messy.


Once MATTER was examined more closely (VERY closely)

Newtonian Laws (the Rules of the Game!) were found to be

summarily ignored by roguish electrons who preferred a more "unpredictable" lifestyle 

and the Age of the Known Outlaw Behavior of Atoms had begun!

The Dollmaker has learned about this

New Model for the (still-invisible) Atom!

Now instead of portraying individual (and one might add, WAYWARD) electrons,

the "Outlaw Model" as the Dollmaker likes to call it, shows


where the small billiard balls used to be.

An interesting term: Clouds.

short for: "Clouds of Probability"

which means:

...there's a 99.99% probability that an electron is somewhere in there.

(but you can't be certain exactly where)




Physical Matter, Science now assures us, may LOOK 

solid, stable and reliable...

but at it's most elemental level... oh no no no.


Physical Matter dissolves at the edges to "Clouds of Probabilities".

(...that had to be hard for Science to admit...)




" Their conclusions suggested that, at it's most elemental,

 physical matter isn't solid and stable- indeed, it isn't ANYTHING yet."




"They suggested that matter, at it's most fundamental,

could not be divided into independently existing units

and indeed could not even be fully described."


(can you imagine the money spent on particle colliders just to find this out?)


"Subatomic reality resembled not the solid and reliable state of being described to us by

classical science, but an ephemeral prospect of seemingly infinite options."


Ephemeral? Not in Kansas anymore, eh, Classical Science?


"At the quantum level, reality resembled unset Jello."


In Reality now, is there anyone who can't relate to this "discovery"?



-all quotations are from -The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart


Metaphysics: an investigation into the nature of reality:



Now it gets even MORE interesting... (ephemeral?)...



" The only thing dissolving this little cloud of probability

into something solid and measureable

was the involvement of an observer." 



Now, as we know, even when they are human, "Observers" are not always conscious entities...

However, Observers intending to take measurements were definitely recognized by sub-atomic photons 

 as repeated thousands of times in the infamous Double Slit Experiment

(see video)

and the Presence of an Observer intending to take a measurement

changed the behavior of the photons

not subtly, but drastically

and nobody knew how or why.

What branch of Physics is Metaphysics again...?



Do Intentions influence Matter?






"The weirdness can't be confined!"

-Quantum Universe and Entanglement - Documentary






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"Subatomic matter appeared to be involved in a continual exchange of information,

causing continual refinement and subtle alteration.

The Universe was not a storehouse of static, separate objects,

but a single organism of interconnected energy fields

in a continuous state of becoming."


-Lynne McTaggart in The Intention Experiment




Nothing happens until something moves.

-Albert Einstein




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