so... Quartz Crystals...


the magical, the mystical, the metaphysical, the nonsensical?

...what's the story, morning glory?


The Dollmaker found herself staggering through the blinding Snow storm...

(if you get her drift)

(through contestable mountain ranges of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo)

in her attempt to comprehend a simple question...


What do Crystals really DO?


Eventually, she turned to Science to try to make sense of it all...

These are some of her findings:



is actually made from

 two of the most popular Elements on the planet:

Silicon and Oxygen ....Silicon dioxide (SiO2 is Quartz)

well known to geologists, as it is ridiculously abundant...

evidently the most abundant compound found in the Earth's crust!

In fact, the Earth contains so much Silicon

that it has been jokingly compared to an enormous flying crystal ball.




It also happens that Sponges have been discovered which are 100% alive and 100% Silicon,

so, we mustn't get too smug about there only being carbon-based life forms on this planet..


but the Dollmaker digresses

right, so anyway...


Quartz Crystals typically grow slowly, at very high temperatures

under water

Yes, Crystals are solids which have materialized

from super-saturated liquids loaded with dissolved minerals.....

(think of how orange juice is a liquid, but solids (the pulp) settle out of it when it's left for some time)


Water saturated with dissolved minerals seeps through crevasses in the rock...

(these crevasses eventually become crystal encrusted veins)

The Mineral-rich water pools up in caverns (tiny or large) deep inside the earth

and there the Crystals gradually and quite  literally "appear".

 Usually, they grow along the walls of these veins and caves-

 clusters of single points growing outward, unobstructed, into air pockets.


Happily, however, Sometimes in the "materialization process"

tiny suspended fragments of old crystal or matrix floating about in the soft mud

will attract the dissolved Silicon dioxide searching for a host to grow upon

and these unattached specimens become

the highly valued "double-terminated" crystals with a point at each end.


Crystals may indeed be Subjectively or Harmonically aligned- but what we know for sure is that

Clear Quartz Crystals are incredibly STABLE

sporting some of the strongest, most balanced, precise and pure frequencies in the

physical dimension.


The quintessential physical quality of Quartz is it's


Frequency Stability


the ability to maintain a specific vibration blissfully, precisely, invariably, eternally unsullied, forever.


In an unpredictable world, Quartz is the Rock

truly embodying the highest ideals of Science and Technology...

Quartz Crystals are additionally unique in that they possess a quality known as

the Piezo-electric effect.

What the devil does that mean?



Piezo-electric devices

 convert energy of one kind

 into energy of another kind

 (electrical to mechanical

or mechanical to electrical).


How a Quartz Crystal

works in a clock:



Well, you know Scientists...

 and how they just can't resist passing a current through whatever's lying around...

It was discovered that when

a voltage (electrical energy) is applied

to a thin quartz crystal wafer

the crystal will actually bend

and vibrate back and forth,

or "oscillate"...



not in a random manner,

but in a steady, reliable and predictable manner.

This is how a Quartz clock or watch, once set in motion, continues it's precision ticking.


The Quartz wafer connected to a power source (say a battery)

 will vibrate with uncanny reliability...  

 night or day, cold or hot, upside down or right side up...

 under varying load conditions, indefinitely.


So, one could conclude that Quartz Crystals can be tremendously capable of

sticking with the Program, so to speak.

Now we are told

that Crystals can be one of the most powerful tools available to us

in the physical dimension...

but the key to maximum utilization is to learn how to consciously implement the tool...

hmmm... what can be done with a tool that changes energy from one form to another...

generates a minute electrical pulse when touched...

is open to being programmed

and, once programmed, maintains a steady, reliable pattern

capable of Order in the midst of Chaos...


Consider the Vibrational fabric of Reality...

When patterns of Energy are disrupted, Health can be compromised

resulting in a state of disease or illness.


Some say that Resistant, discordant energy patterning is responsible

for every negative symptom we experience, from headache to cancer.


Science uses Quartz Crystals to help stabilize discordant interference...


Perhaps, with Intention, we could too.




Refer to this video for a more detailed (and fun) explanation:










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