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November 2015                        Issue  105






Doll Construction inspired by the Art of James Christensen

('Professor of the Imagination')





 Life's voyages...




You did not say,

 "Let's go forth into this physical experience and take all the ideas that exist and whittle them down

 to just a few good ideas that we can all agree on and peacefully cohabitate."

Instead you said,

"Let's go forth and take the ideas that exist and expand them to more.

 Let's let the contrast be more so that the desires can be more,

so that the Energy will have more avenues in which to flow."





Doll Constructions Blast Off!



Steampunk Inventions!



with a nod to that fabled link between genius and madness...

Steampunk Scientist and Inventor Dolls

beaming Doll "Construction" up to the next level...

as accessorizing Constructions featuring  faux-plausible functions

begin to dominate the Dollmaker's personal Realm of Potentiality



...Constructions such as...

The DiscomBOBulator...

... a directed-energy "Beamer" style Invention similar to a "Ray Gun"

designed to locate and discombobulate Pretention

in the environment, neutralizing insolent presumption and pestilent pomposity

drawing seemingly limitless power from unspecified sources.

(this is deep Science)




Other examples

(see left)   include the

 Irrelevant BS Detector

(similar to a Geiger Counter)

 a detecting device which measures the ambiguity of

BS emissions 

as they radiate from from a drearisome source...




 for those who prefer out-and-out demolition of ambient crapola,

the Detonator...






 at the

Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe  at


(which is basically the main place the Dollmaker has been for the past two months)

 Dolls worked tirelessly to sort through and define their "Life Voyages"...

...and then some Humans merrily afloat

rowed up in proverbial pea-green boats...

and they all sailed away to have some fun

to dance by the light of the sun, the sun...

yes, Dolls danced by the light of the sun....




  ...when anything and everything is possible...

The Fairies of Delight!



the Dollmaker in Wonderland feels additionally privileged to have met many

Adult Creators of Magical Worlds...




 The Faire in November

Although it poured down rain ceaselessly on Pirate Weekend,

and the Dollmaker stayed home (for the first time in 32 years) from the Faire on Fairy Weekend

(due to the Hidden Pines Fire threatening her home),

And though it rained upon Togas and Horned Helmets in the weeks after that,

even so, the Doll Shoppe was often a busy little place....




Peeple... who love Wee Peeple

are the most beautiful Peeple

in the World...

Thank you all for 35 years of continuous support through the generations!

-The Dollmaker



and as we near the end of an especially crazy year at the Texas Renaissance Festival...

 A Big Thank You

goes out to Lisa, Noelle and John

the Wee Peeple Shoppe's "core group"




To brother Paul, Sandy, Katy and Denise

for helping out in many ways during these strange times.

Love you all!!!







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