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September 2015                        Issue  103




So... She Starts out with just the one Pumpkin on the porch...



ha.  ...that's the thing... even a single pumpkin...

can start an avalanche!


so... it begins...





"Approach and Occupy Gardens"



The Branchings...




 It is rumored that they came from... underground!

 'branching off' and

forming a 'splinter' group... the

 Root Heads

 formerly known simply as:

the Stick Peeple...

..unearthed during a massive Garden Occupation (Cleanup..)

Root Headed Individuals have been found to be tough solitary soldiers

 preferring to stay "disentangled" from others...

...yet, amused when they are mistaken for "doll-sized Trees"...




The Influence of Structural Intertwining...

upon Anthropomorphic Doll Construction...







And now for the famous painting, "Lady with an Ermine," by Leonardo Da Vinci

which comes to life (very slowly) in this unique 3D video...


Lady with an Ermine








The Parodies...



Really, who could resist?




 using... Green Apoxie Sculpt

..instead of the usual..

The Apoxie Sculpt is good stuff

but slightly stickier than the Magic Sculpt...


 -the Green is very green-

...and Green is Good...


That's right, Rachel's young students now have two Wee Men in their classroom!

The Wizard they named GANDORE! (Isn't that great?)

What will they name their little Green Guy?


Shortly afterwards another Green brother ended up over there too..

Thanks to Margaret Manning!!!


The Wee Men are a Hoot... er... Hit!

Their first show will be the Texas Renaissance Festival in October.





 The Dollmaker was busy this month creating

"Fantasy Owls"

(derived from... "Photo-shopped Owls")

 And for these Special Orders,

fabulous faux furs needed to be purchased!



Fun! Synthetic Furs really do Rock these days.

The Dollmaker simply indulged.

(there's more waiting at the post office right now!)

(fabric aficionados... has free shipping)


So. Away we go...



It's a Dollmaking Extravaganza!

And not a moment too soon...




 This October and November

check out the

Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe  at

 Dolls finding their Dream Humans... at this location for 32 years!



See what Nature Spirits are wearing this Season:

  the Latest Collection of

 Under-Field Hat-wear!



...Bird-Nest Hat-wear...


and long Faux Kelp curls

are just Hot in or out of the Lake...



Alrighty then. Can one expect to see Witches at the Wee Peeple Doll Emporium?


Oh, Yes.    Ha ha, yes.

(do you need to ask?)


Ok, so...  What other disreputable characters

might one see loitering about the Doll Shoppe...?


Oh, the Possibilities...


Well, for sure, the


An Enchanted Forest full of

Stick Peeple


Apothecary Bottles...


Definitely an odd assortment of



...Random Rock Texts...

Summer and Autumn Dolls


 (Over-the-) Rainbo Kids

and their Mineral cousins, the

Rock Peeple

Cheshire Cats...

Wolves, Foxes and Bears

Lady Pins...

...Baby Crystals...


and... after 35 years making dolls, the Dollmaker is finally satisfied with
(the best ever)

New Doll Nametags!


These doll tags are a dream come true!

On the front side, a clear color picture and the Doll's Title

Then all the contact information is on the reverse side,

along with another photo. All professionally printed on heavy stock paper

and small enough to be somewhat inconspicuous.


(It's and tell them the Dollmaker sent you!)


So the Dollmaker is ALMOST ready (ok, will never be ready)

for the Big Festival to begin...



(Saturday, OCTOBER 10th)


 Lift up your cares, mugs, dolls, skirts, voices in song!

And come and join the merry throng!







tra la, tra la... ok, so...


What happened when the Dollmaker started carving paintbrush handles...


uh-oh... Really?  ..who ever suspected THIS could happen.....


A highly unlikely attraction somehow materialized

right on the workshop bench... between

a Paintbrush Maid and a densely Root-headed Stranger...



OMG.   What will happen next?


(evidently the Dollmaker needs to find more of those strangely magical

 (nymphomaniacal) vintage (ratty old) wooden paintbrushes!!! LOL)



and then you never know...



Doll Catalogue

Animal Totem Dolls


The story of 

Vasilisa the Brave



Bev Taylor
Woodworker Extraordinaire


The Fire Part One

The Fire Part Two
The Recovery



Follow Your Bliss

"All moments are valuable"

-Julia Cameron


  512-332-6680    cell phone

PO Box 326       Smithville, TX  78957



Come and visit the Wee Peeple

in  October and November 

 at the


Take your first hard left

when you come in the front gate

and stay on the sidewalk!

You will see the Wee Peeple signs!






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"Father" Christmas



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in Arkansas



Bling Art Doll Gallery



Link to






All is Well in this World of Wonder!


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