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March 2016                                                         Issue  109





Heer-ye Gentyle Fryends!





The Texas Renaissance Festival

has a new Vendor Coordinator:

 Kim Bryant

and she has a Vision

of a renewed focus on ART

 at TRF!  (YAY)

so, by request, the

 was made especially to

Represent the ART

which can be found at

 the Texas Renaissance Festival

The Spring Goddess

 will be For Display Only at

 Kim's TRF Booth

at the prestigious

Woodlands Waterway

Arts Festival

in Houston, Texas

April 8-9-10th


Kim is at the helm now, folks,

and it's a brand new day.










The Highway Garden Wisteria in it's third year...





And, indoors, the Dollmaker has been unable to stop cultivating the

Fabric Flower Garden

(of Pins and Hair Clips)



Big Thanks to Catherine Lewis and Silly Sally for sending Organza and other useful fabrics!







 the Tenth Anniversary Issue

 of the

 Wee Peeple Newsletter

 Started in March of 2007

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with the third Doll Construction in this Series

made especially for John Rodriguez

(who asked for this doll two years ago!)



 (The back-story of Grandfather Frost)






Another old favorite re-appeared on the scene this month...




..if given a choice

the Dollmaker prefers the Disney Maleficent as a model...





Now then, just to see...



hmmm...  Curly-toed Shoes...

what a concept...

Something Fool-ish could be happening there...







The Dollmaker attended


Stacking Stones (link)


Yes, the Dollmaker was definitely "in her element" there!

at LEAF...

There were even Contests! (Amazing to watch!)

Arches Competition

Balance Competition

Height Competition

Artistic Competition


Maybe the Rock Critters should go to this show next year..


to further promote






Holey Stones Page

Hill Country Gastropods!  







The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat



The story of
Vasilisa the Brave


The Story of
Lady Nevermind




Follow Your Bliss





a visit to Sherwood Forest Faire


Art using Recycled Materials


Steampunk Page




Smithville, TX 




"like music drifting through the air-
invisible but everywhere" 

-Jack Skellington



 In October and November

Check out the

Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

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Shoppe #145

Roman Bacchanalia Weekend

Dollmaker Learns Swordplay


Mermaid Page








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The Story of the
Three Dresses




Stacking Stones


Holey Stones

Sacred Geometry

Concentric Circles


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 The Smile of the

Cheshire Cat


Dollmakers of Mexico


Bottle Doll



A Shelling Adventure




Giant Lizard Battle





Bev Taylor
Woodworker Extraordinaire


The Bogman Coat



The Bottle Hunt

Sacred Datura


The Peabody Ducks

The Other Side



Bling Art Doll Gallery





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