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February 2016                                                         Issue  108



Ah! The Human Imagination.

What Times we live in! What Mass Fantasies we have enjoyed together!



Today, the Dollmaker recognizes and celebrates:

The Incredible Artwork of

 Heinz Edelmann


who conceived the Landscapes and Characters for the animated film:

Yellow Submarine



a Monument to the kaleidoscopic Carnival of Human Sensibility.....


Every sentient Soul in the Spectrum blooming Bright and Beautiful...


...actually... not quite every sentient soul...



...picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

Edelmann really did create some terrific villains. (seriously Toothy)


Now Then...


Although it may come as a shock to  Some... (like the Dollmaker...)

(who was always quite enchanted with the "Leaping Man" Characters of Peter Max...)

yet the hard truth is:

 Peter Max

 was a contemporary whose psychedelic style was similar... but

it was not Peter Max who created the Artwork for Yellow Submarine!


(see Peter Max illustrations below:)


no- no- all the while, it was actually  

Heinz Edelmann

 Who created the comically stylized caricatures of the four Beatles..




 ..and the music-hating
Blue Meanies,

Admiral Fred, the Apple Bonkers, Jeremy Boob, the Snapping Turks,

Vacuum-snouted monsters who slurped up the background scenery,

and, best of all

the Dreadful Flying GLOVE!



Heinz Edelmann 

was a German illustrator
and designer

who did not do drugs.

Really.    Not at all.

He was a low-profile, mild-mannered, really straight,

yet intuitively very
Visionary guy. a jazz fan.

"not a Flower Power Person"


(20 June 1934 – 21 July 2009)

He is most famous for his art direction and character designs

 for the 1968 animated film

Yellow Submarine.

 An immensely talented individual, Edelmann’s career spanned four decades, and utilized many styles.

The playful and gloriously vividly colored work with The Beatles

was his most famous work.


"It's all in the Mind, Y'Know."

-George Harrison


There never was a complete script, and much of it was apparently written on the fly –

 one of the reasons the movie has such a stream-of-consciousness, dream-like appeal.... 

(Nevertheless, any "Mystical Symbolism" found in the film is supposedly unintentional-

 as the Beatles had little to do with the creating of the film and

Edelmann himself was not inclined toward esoteric or occult context... )

 (ha. right.)




  so... showcasing

Heinz Edelmann

who deserves credit for the achievement

of creating a Classic animated film in the 1960's

which was not Walt Disney, Hanna Barbera, or Looney Tunes (or Peter Max)


ok now. just sayin.

(Official Yellow Submarine Site)



Getting back to Dollmaking...






The Story of Grandfather Frost



...Last time...

the Dollmaker was on the trail of a particular "Grandfather" going by the name of "Frost"...


 (The back-story of Grandfather Frost) quoth the Dollmaker....

"..and one day...this unique horned Santa Guy will fully emerge as a Doll Construction..."

or something like that... Well, now... since that time, many G. Frosts have indeed "emerged"...

...there have been "Shoulder Studies", improvements in "Horn Design"...

and all manner of deviation from every basic premise...



Two of those Doll Constructions have reached completion...

These two:






This fellow here




was a Surprise gift for a special Mom (Sue)

from her loving daughter, (Whitney)!!

 After closely following
The Story of Grandfather Frost
in the Newsletter and on Facebook for the last two months- you can imagine Sue's Astonishment to find out that one of them was for her!


...well, you know how the Dollmaker just adores being in on a surprise..




Now then...Was there time this month for anything else?

oh yes.



 now Strange Experimental Cardboard Heads

 are being built to go with those strange experimental Cardboard Hands



 ...the Dollmaker is using the same Piecing Technique as with the Tree Peeple Dolls...

only cardboard is more rigid than corduroy...


 Some interesting stuff going on here...

 a potential for much Taller Doll Constructions...





...and right at the end of the month, more unexpected excitement:


Fabric Flowers


These lovely flowers are made using a candle!


Yes, after watching around 17 You Tube Videos (oh yes.)

on how to singe and not burn the edges of

fabric flower petals,

the Dollmaker felt like she was ready to try the technique.

Using only the scraps of fabric she had available

(not too much organza and chiffon around here usually...)

She enjoyed it so much she stayed up late making 22 flower brooches!

Then the next morning she jumped out of bed and made 11 more!!








 Leap Year


Life on the Path of Least Resistance is delicious.

Leap into Life!

Spring is a Promise that will be kept.








The story of
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The story of
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The Story of
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Follow Your Bliss

NNobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy — you're right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body.




"like music drifting through the air-
invisible but everywhere" 

-Jack Skellington


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