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This October and November

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And we mean it when we say


  Well, upon each festival a little rain must fall...

and hey... only one rainy weekend so far...

coming up Next...

on Halloween Weekend... Mermaids!

And a Big Witch Sale!




Bastrop County had Another big fire this month.

The Hidden Pines Fire burned for seven days,

destroying 5,000 acres of forest (a lot of it in Buescher State Park)

and 64 structures.

The whole thing happened less than 5 miles from the Dollmaker's house.

The plume on the first day (a Tuesday)... from the Dollmaker's property...

but, with the Winds prevailing from the Northeast and devilishly Variable,

 the Dollmaker knew she would be staying home to monitor the situation and that she would

not be going to the Texas Renaissance Festival for "Fairy Weekend"... boo...

(for the first time in 32 years, she missed a weekend... sigh. oh well.)


But then!!!

 Suddenly Here came Hurricane Patricia!

(kind of like the T-Rex coming to save the people from the Velociraptors)


And it began to RAIN... and... Pour it did.

 so the fires of Texas are now OUT.



 An Angel taking the form of

Brother Paul

arrived, in the middle of all this,

to visit his Dollmaker Seester for a few weeks in Smithville...

and also to experience few Weekends at


  Now then,

Everyone knew Brother Paul would do Something while he was here (he always finds a project!)

 but nobody knew what he would choose to do!

One morning, after a thorough inspection of the property and buildings,

Brother Paul announced his Intention!

He would prolong the lives of the metal girders in the Boat Shed!

and so it began

 ...the lives of a multitude of girders were extended that day...

and at this writing, girder lives continue to be prolonged, not just in the Boat Shed,

but Everywhere on the property.


Additionally, right after the torrential rains,

an auxiliary angel disguised as a young fellow named Luke came to help Paul

and the two of them cut and cleared away the scary dead weeds, trees and grasses.

(and they had their own "controlled burn")

It was "harvest time".


 A Big Thanks goes out to Paul and Luke for all that work! Yay!





 Tales of Norse Mythology




Making a Doll of

 The Goddess Freya

Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sorcery, War and Death...

(quite a repertoire there...)



This Goddess of the Northlands had two beloved Cats.


And the Cats pulled her Chariot...

So! That's the version the Dollmaker wants to make!

The Chariot-pulled-by-Cats version of the Goddess Freya!


So... who did the Dollmaker call upon to make

the Cats

for the Goddess Freya's Chariot?

Why... ...of course!



The Dollmaker found a... Chariot... and Joyce has made the Cats!


Next Issue: The Freya Doll in her Chariot...

Special Order Freya Doll for Gene White.


 Remember the last

collaboration with Joyce?

That crazy

 Beach Walker Goddess

 with the Parrot-

Joyce made that Parrot.

This is going to be

another fun project!










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