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April 2016                                                         Issue  110










right.       ok, now...

Most Rocksters are smiling... and happy... and nice...


...but wouldn't you know it...

there was this one... particular little fellow... a Fossil Critter he was...

a loner stone only known

as SLY...





we've seen this before...!

(remember the day the incorrigible Young Rockster got into the Cuervo...)



hey whatareyagonnado?





Time to take

the Dollmaker recently read this book





Walks in the Woods


...finding fossils, rocks, bones and... even an armadillo tail...

...also Gastropods (snails) and Cretaceous Corals...






 Speaking of the Cretaceous... roughly 100 mya  (million years ago)...

the Dollmaker had some luck during a quickie trip to Half-Price Books:


 Reference Books! Yay!

This Dinosaur Fact-Finder Book even includes a small map of the World on each Dinosaur Page,

showing how the continents were positioned during the lifetime of that species.

The Dinos  did roam (leaving their bones) throughout all connected Lands

before the Continental Drift (Plate Tectonics)

separated the Continents.









This year the Dollmaker found a most transcendental

Elephant Bowl



Great BOWLS made by real Kids!

$20 for a One-of-a-Kind Bowl and all the delicious soup and bread and dessert you can eat.

Proceeds go to feed The Hungry.


but then... the Dollmaker heard at the last minute that there was a

Vendor Space at the Empty Bowl Project!

SO... she brought out the

Fabric Flowers

for the first time!  YAY! They were well received!




oh yes. there were Bears. The Dollmaker was selling the

(Dew-Upon-the-Waving-Reeds) Meadow Crowns

and the Bears just came with them.



Cydnee's Matching Outfits for her Fabulous Fabric Flowers!








Lately Doll Construction has gotten down to basics...

 rocks, fossils, and now... sticks...

introducing the new


Originally intended to populate Wall Space...


Some of them eventually preferred to sit...

or shall we say... lounge...

and lately

rogue "Fashionista" Stick Ladies

have strongly indicated their preference for a certain style of

 (Dew-Upon-the-Waving-Reeds) Meadow Crown...

sassy. grassy.


(Crowns are currently a THING in "the Branches")




(also affectionately known as:)  

Crowns of Vicarious Sovereignty


(incidentally which, when painted, leave markings which can be read like an Oracle)



ha ha... just Crowning around...






The Goddesses of Autumn, Spring, and Winter await...




The Spring Goddess had a Big Adventure!

She happily accepted the opportunity to cast clouds

of Glory-of-Springtime Vibes over vast crowds...

at Kim Bryant's Texas RenFest Booth she was

~For Display Only~  

at the Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival

in Houston, Texas      April 8-9-10th


Yes! Texas Renaissance Festival Artists were represented at this hot Houston Arts Event!

 Way to go, Vendor Coordinator Kim Bryant!




Verily, the Dollmaker has not forgotten about the

 Corkscrew Peeple.

There are plenty of Corkscrews out there

and New Mutations keep developing...





ah yes... this year a new perspective on the Intrigues of


(The Renaissance Festival)


It was strange being on The Other Side of the Gate!



 Let's DO this!

Lift up Thy Cares!

The Dollmaker and her trusted Transportation Facilitator, Slo-Admiral John Bond,

met darling Daughter Shannon inside the Gates of Old Scarborough

whereupon they relaxed in the deep shade, at table with newfound "hoisting buddies",

Hugging lots of old friends, shopping, listening to new stories with old plot-lines..

the Dollmaker thusly whiled the afternoon away

indulging languorously in her Visitor Status.






"Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be."

-Paul McCartney










The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat


The story of
Vasilisa the Brave



The Story of
Lady Nevermind




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Steampunk Page



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"like music drifting through the air-
invisible but everywhere" 

-Jack Skellington



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