May 2020                                     Issue 159





Oui Oui! Does she look French?

good! Because she's Off to France!

Mais oui, Madame! Tres belle! Magnifique!



the saga continues...


Which of these two Glam Masks is going to the Casino?

(answer: the second one) (that is- when the casinos are open again)



Which one is the "Smithville Tiger"?

(answer: the one on the left- the Dollmaker in Disguise)



Which Art Mask do we like better on Delphine...

The Glam or the Tiger...?

 (hard choice)



a Dollmaker's Deviant Contribution to the current

 State of Confusion



 a Soup Pot, a Masquerade, a Soliloquy from Hamlet:


"To be, or not to be, that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

 Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them."


Shakespeare nailed it, but now it's:

 To Wear or Not to Wear!

That is the Question!


Welcome to the Theatre-of-the-Absurd:

"High Drama which emphasizes the absurdity of human existence

by employing disjointed, repetitious, and meaningless dialogue,

purposeless and confusing situations,

and plots that lack realistic or logical development...."

...and all the men and women merely players...


Now, the Dollmaker, for whom Absurdity signifies Prime Motivation

already dove right into this hot mess

counting herself Onboard as a Player in the

2020 Pandemic Mask-Making Open



So, inevitably...

What with the Dollmaker being so preoccupied with Mask Making...

uh- ahem... Certain Dolls have started asking tentative questions-

Hey now, what's with all the Deviance? What happened to Dollmaking!!!?

Inquiring Minds want to Know!



ah, well, the Dollmaker explained... 

a certain amount of Deviance must be expected of course...



Ok, yes...  dear ones...

yes... Mask-making continues...

even as the Pendulum of Public Opinion veers erratically ...hither and yon...

 ...for and against...


Many Humans still believe themselves to be

 in "a sea of troubles"

under the siege of an inscrutable Molecular Tyrant...

Now complicated by men with guns taking a firm stance

 against- or maybe for- the alleged Invisible Enemy Forces

while professional Talking Heads describe, guide and promote


 Incidents of Mass Inconsistency



















but... as the Dollmaker further elaborated to the increasingly attentive crowd of

 "Inquiring Minds":

 are...  Sort of... in a way... almost like ...Dolls!

It's like they're in the

"Doll Family"...






















Refines and Refreshes the Spirit of Doll Construction...

-quoth the Dollmaker to the Dolls-

 Opening the parameters to "Human Dimensions" and

putting the "Doll Face" at the forefront, in a new context...

...why, these Art Masks are like... Cousins...


(she glanced over to see if the Dolls were buying it- they weren't)




uh... How about: It's for a Good Cause!??


 Well Ok then, the Dollmaker argued... but the Masks really are...


just Look at the Similarities in Attitude....





the Wees seemed to 'get' that kind of logic..

but a Photo Essay still had to be created to demonstrate

How Masks and Dolls are just

one Big Happy Family...



and, truly, the Art Masks

could Never replace the Wee Peeple Doll Constructions

in the Dollmaker's Heart!



a lot has been learned by this little exercise in


















Each one a Special Order... each one a Dollface....





 the White Tiger Masks were a Hot Item in May-hem...

Texas Rogue sends a White Tiger Mask overseas...


James Valentine Horton!!!

a fine Texas Gentleman, Lover of Earth-based creatures, Community Gardener and Supporter of Local Artisans
sent a

 White Tiger Mask
to Beirut, Lebanon!

as a gift to
Lady Newscaster

Nisso H. Hat

That Mask was the first to cross
the Great Water



The White Tiger Masks were such a hit that

 the Dollmaker made a short You Tube Video:

Trying on the

White Tiger Mask



If the video won't open here, go to You Tube to watch it:




Gallery Link




 Answered here:


Art Mask Information




ah! but wait! there WAS One Doll made in May...

Now the Bird Shaman can be in two places at once!




...but This Month...

the Dollmaker had the most fun photographing






She set up little Photo Zones in her studio using the Paintings as Backgrounds



and started making Collages with the Photos...



and the Idea has come up to make another

 Wee Peeple Doll Calendar

using the Paintings as backgrounds..





 The Wees are eager to be the center of attention again

and Directing them for the photo-shoots will be the next Challenge......







It's still the Time of the Strange Masks...

Stay Safe, good people, stay safe.







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