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Information about the






Instructions and Disclaimer



It must be understood that these are

 not Medical Masks.

In fact, it must be understood that these are actually



Anyone ordering an Art Mask

must include a Head Measurement

and Two Photos

One of the Front of the person's Face

and another Photo of the Side of the Face

(see further on: How to take a Head Measurement)

Please understand that



are not like handkerchiefs, bandanas or underwear-

you cannot just throw them in the washing machine. That will certainly ruin them.

If you MUST Wash them, Never wash the Painting itself!

Follow the Instructions below.

I have spent weeks researching the protocols for the best materials for filters
and have made a reasonable effort to make the Masks state of the art as far as safety.

Each ART MASK is made using brand new materials
and the triple filter most likely exceeds the average percentages of filtration.


But once they leave my possession they become the responsibility of their new owner.

(if you add them to your laundry, wash them in the washer and they are ruined, it's your problem)


My claim is only that these Wearable Paintings are fun to wear to the store
and if worn correctly over the nose and mouth will protect a person
as well as any of the millions of home-made masks that are being created all over the world today.

So if you like them and want one, these things must be understood.


Thank you, Kandra Niagra, Maskmaker




Prices for the



The Glam Masks with the painted lips are $45.00



Guy Masks with painted mustaches are $45.00



The White Tiger Masks are $45.


The Orange Tiger Masks are $65.00


A Blank Mask (You draw on your own face) is $35.



If the Mask is to be shipped, add $5.00 for tax and shipping charges.

If you use the Dollmaker's Paypal link,

 Paypal will add the tax and shipping charges


Link To Purchase an Art Mask through Paypal:


Wearable Paintings - Art Masks


 Masks that are Paid For will be made first.


To order an Art Mask, contact Kandra Niagra






Now here is the rest of The Information:


How to Measure your Face for a Mask


The measurement is from ear to ear.

From the point where the face meets the ear, on either side

with the tape measure circling up against the bottom of the nose.



It is not necessary to measure the back of the head!

Just the face. In the above picture, the measurement reads as 10 inches.




How To Put the Mask on Your Head

and get the perfect Fit:



Here's a video showing how to tie on the Art Mask:

Trying on the

White Tiger Mask



*Tie the bands at the top back of the head

* Pull down on the chin,
the mask should come away from the eyes

* First adjust the nose wire so that it fits snugly over the bridge of your nose.

(if you wear glasses and they fog up- the mask is probably too high up on your face)

 *Tuck in the hemline across the jawbone





* The Tie Bands sweep upwards and

tie at the TOP of the head.

not the back of the head:


See the difference in the fit here:

wrong      and      right


The angle is quite steep- it should feel secure,

pulling the fabric upwards against the jawbone.

(please! no baggy chins!!!)

until the fit feels and looks right.






How the Masks are Built


 It's a 2-piece pattern.

There's a bendable wire at the bridge of the nose.

Anti-Pill Fleece is soft and very stretchy, so the mask conforms to your face.

Breathing through the nose and mouth are easy, but

your voice will be muffled.


What is used for a Filter?


These Masks have three layers of protection between your face

and the outside world...

Remember, these are Paintings!

Do not wash the painted side

of the Mask!

New Materials list:

 a soft jersey knit, a blue shop towel

and the Anti-Pill Fleece.

 The soft Jersey and the Blue Shop Towel are

Both are sewed right to the Fleece and

have been pre-washed.


A lot of tutorials are teaching folks to make their own masks from

The Blue Shop Towels!

You Tube Videos which recommend the Blue Shop Towels as a filter:



Care of your Art Mask


 Hand Wash the Inside ONLY!


 Remember, these Masks are

Wearable Paintings and should be handled delicately.

Spray with water and dab at the filters with a wet washcloth.

Do not wash them in the washing machine

or dry them in the dryer.

This WILL Destroy the Painting:






Beauty Mark Guide:



Do you need help in deciding where your Glam Beauty Mark should go...?

Here are some Classic Placements:


these photos are from the Stylecraze site)


For questions about the

 Wearable Paintings - Art Masks




Link To Purchase an Art Mask through Paypal:


Wearable Paintings - Art Masks



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