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June 2019                              Issue 148




On June 8th

went Down the Runway!




The Universal Artemis Art Bra, created by - the Dollmaker- was worn by Model And Breast Cancer Survivor

Debbie Thomas






sponsored by

where a jolly group of Women- all Breast Cancer Survivors-

get out there and model fantastical Art Bras

 for their annual Runway Extravaganza-

the Breast Cancer Resource Centerís flagship fundraiser.

This year they raised $676,000 on Runway Night!


Debbie's best friend came in from Florida,

 her daughter from Washington,

and her Mom from Canada!

All came to support her on Runway Night



They gave her a beautiful bouquet!



And Then!

When Her Friends and Family saw the Silent Auction Listing online...

 They bought the Universal Artemis Art Bra for Debbie!

To commemorate her Runway Experience!   So cool!




The Silent Auction was posted Online two nights before the Runway Show.

Anyone could bid on the Art Bras, whether they went to the event or not...

Debbie's Family ended the bidding by buying the Universal Artemis Art Bra outright!

So now Debbie OWNS the Bra she modeled for the Runway Show!!




 The Dollmaker was so honored

to be a part of this fabulous Benefit assisting Women with Breast Cancer!

She sends a big shout-out to her dear friends

John and Carol

 for Being There sharing this special night with her!

















When computers first came out, the Dollmaker had a Mac Classic 2

upon which she played her first Video Game

(in her lifetime: about five total)!

The Game was called Uncharted Waters.

The time frame was the 1500's and the Dollmaker's Character was

Captain Violet!

She was from Portugal and became quite the Legend in her own time,

 battling Pirates and discovering the New World..

 Whenever she Won, the Game even offered her the Princess's hand in marriage!


So, whenever Daughter Shannon wanted to play a role-playing type game

and everyone had to pick names for themselves,

(Shannon was usually "Diamond" or "Crystal" or "Rose")

 The Dollmaker was always Captain Violet!


~ the beginning of a Wall Art Series ~ 









This was a month of violent Storms!

Featuring lightning strikes, broken branches, and fallen arbors

in the Dollmaker's own Gardens!


fortunately for her, a team of fierce helpers showed up with

man-made implements of destruction to manage the mess...



Branches were stacked- some branches were cut up to use for Doll Stands...



 But that Wisteria Vine was seriously entwining the cattle panel!

It never even uprooted when the arbor fell over!

So.. the archway was miraculously reconstructed with the vines still attached!

(shorter than before but still perfectly functional as an arbor)



A Big Thanks to all who helped restore sanity to the garden!





so now there's a Garden Sentinel...





Smaller even than the Wee Men..

 a population in progress unofficially dubbed the Wee Wee Men-

They have Ideas! They have Opinions! They have Complaints!

and they want to share them all with YOU!










(The Dollmaker prefers to call "Teen Night" "Random Persons Night" at the Library... lol)


Most of these really Funny Faces were built onto small wooden disks

to which magnets were affixed

but a few Faces were built onto Rocks!

Magic Sculpt sticks to almost any surface, is easily modeled, dries in the air without baking,

accepts most anything you care to stick in it, and can be painted once it hardens

and it hardens very hard.



...all qualities which make it perfect for beginner sculptors.. ok, any sculptors...


The Dollmaker has been asked to teach a similar Class at a Summer Camp-

 that will be coming up in August... should be interesting...





Poker Chips, Glass Beads, Vintage photographs, peculiar fonts...



the Magnet Obsession escalates...

this is what happened when the Dollmaker ordered 600 More Magnets!



compasses, doll heads, eyeballs, faux Jewels, illustrations and

Classic Beer and Soda Bottle Caps

Collect your favorite beverages!

Also Random Cuteness for the Kiddos!









The NewTrade:

Joyce was immediately drawn to a small doll whose purple streaked hair quite matched her own!

 (Just sayin that their Eyes are pretty close too!)
and the mischievous grin...)


And the Dollmaker instantly fell in love

 with Mr. Foxy Loxy!!!


Altogether a very satisfying Trade!!!










...and for those who so often lovingly inquire

 about the Dollmaker's Darling Daughter:

Shannon is doing splendidly!

This fall she will receive her degree in


and is meanwhile working during the summer at

Profound Microfarms

growing vegetables using Hydroponics

 which is a method of growing plants without soil by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.


Her proud Dollmaker Mom got to visit her at work

and afterwards, made this Slideshow:












"Do you remember

the summer of the rain...

You must let everything fall that wants to fall."


-Karen Fiser









Adventures were embarked upon - with Captain (Brother) Paul...

who journeyed from Florida by boat across the Gulf of Mexico

 to Texas

carrying a cargo of snail shells and miniature pineapples

which he distributed to souls in need of them along the way...



luck was mostly with him on I-35, bless his heart, after which

he traversed the State of Texas on astonishingly excellent Back Roads with hardly any road kill

 all the while developing a deeper appreciation for

Texas Cretaceous Fossils, Advanced Hydroponics, cane-chairs,

the dietary preferences of rogue tadpoles, the membranes of duck eggs and



 at the pinnacle of his Excursion, he found - Amazing Home Cookin - a La-sagna!

featuring Herbs from a flourishing Garden of friendship and love




Welcomed by one and all - so was the visit of Captain Paul.



Bon Voyage Brother!










My dear, your soul is so rich and complicated,
so many-splendored and mysterious,
so fertile and generous.
I'm amazed you can hold all the poignant marvels you contain.

Isn't it sometimes a struggle for you to avoid spilling over?
Like a river at high tide during heavy rains?

And yet every so often there come moments when you go blank;
when your dense, luxuriant wonders go missing.
That's OK! It's all part of the Great Mystery.
You need these fallow phases.

And if the present time might be such a time-
here's a fragment of a poem by Cecilia Woloch
to temporarily use as your motto:

"I have nothing to offer you now save my own wild emptiness."



-adapted from R. Bresney








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-poet Mary Oliver




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