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March 2018                             Issue 133





Airship Design


ye Possibilities be a-Vast!

 but the Dollmaker's favorite Ship Shape - for sheer style and Adorable Proportions would be

the so-called "Round Ship" of the Middle Ages

(a smart medieval Sailing Ship- not at all powered by bunches of men with oars!)




The Dollmaker would also be inclined towards considering

those elaborate behemoths known as




...naturally, she had no clue how to build any kind of Ship...




Research would be Required

to build a proper Airship! 


"Seas the Day!"

(the Dollmaker is learning nautical expressions...)
 the Dollmaker's earliest impressions of both Galleons and Airships

were most certainly derived from the animated Disney Classic:


Peter Pan!



Captain Hook's Pirate Ship,  the Jolly Roger,  in the Peter Pan adventure

is eventually captured by Peter at the end of the tale

whereupon, with the help of a little Pixie Dust

he is able to sail Wendy and her brothers home, through the sky, back to their upstairs window in London.


(Here's a scene from onboard the Jolly Roger...)



So, the Jolly Roger was the Dollmaker's First Galleon!


Here's the scene in Peter Pan at the end of the movie, where the ship sails off into the night:



Other influential Ships in the same genre:

Besides the Mayflower (pilgrims) and the Santa Maria (Columbus)

 there would be the Black Pearl of Pirates of the Caribbean fame to consider

and of course the legendary Ghost Ship

the Flying Dutchman...



"Shiver me Timbers!"


But for the Dollmaker, the most Influential Airships would come from Illustrations by

James Christensen:





 James Christensen really added the Magic that makes the Airship idea so compelling..


as did Gerard Collas with his colorful Assemblages:




 Well, there are a lot of ways to build a Ship...




and there is.. "ship-speak"...


terms such as "forecastle", "ratlines", "head", "listing to port",

 "three sheets to the wind", "loose canon", "careen", "keel over"- and such like that..."poop deck"...oh aye...



 Round Ship Evolution:

Useful structures called "Castles" were added, fore and aft, to the Round Ships...

 ..later these became part of the hull design...


The Dollmaker likes

 that James Christensen

 took the idea of

"castles on ships"

 quite literally:


after all, a proper Passenger Airship

would certainly require Accommodations....

whether grand or rudimentary...


but accessorizing would come later

the Dollmaker first needed just the basic shape...





Making the Models





Passengers should fit comfortably (if snugly) into the Interior

and the Exterior should be festooned with Assemblage!



oh indeed yes-

Exterior Decor would necessarily include

Life Preservers, Portals, Watches, Ropes, Saucers, Eyeglasses, Compasses

 hairclips, drawer handles, buttons and Rampant Chess Pieces galore!

a Medley.



Wee Doll Airships would have two potential power sources:


1. Sails to catch the wind with a rudder for steering   and

2. Imagination with liberal doses of Magic.


So that would take care of transport through the air.




It always looks good to have Someone at the Helm!






Airship Travel Hats

available for select Passengers whose heads are the right size



So.. the Wee Airships- are "underway"

"Let go and haul!"

 (nautical term for: the ship is on the desired course relative to the wind and the sails can be trimmed (hauled) to suit...)



















> What fun!



The Dollmaker and Mz. Cindy trotted up and down and around

(because that is the way the faire is laid out)

confidently conversing with friends, humans and dangerous animals alike!




"Three sheets to the wind!"




so, it's




And it's the 11th Anniversary of the Wee Peeple Newsletter!


here's a collection of Screenshots going backwards in time to

 Issue #1 in March 2007...





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Noting that- it being March- the theme was often "Springtime"

Once again Spring has returned to Texas

and with it, Spring Break and a visit from darling daughter, Shannon

who is now studying Horticulture!



Century Plant babies were thinned out and Shannon potted them all up for her classmates.

(she went home with a carload of plants! that's for sure! lol)















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