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September  2021                                   Issue 175
















ok... so what's with all the fancy new Titles this month...


Well... it all started with wee ENORA

One day the Dollmaker received a mysterious gift in the mail...

a seriously TINY figurine... with an intriguing title...


Station in Life: Iconic Arcanist!

Right! What is That???

ok it's One who is Proficient in the Use of

well-nigh forgotten Arcane Magical Powers!


but the Dollmaker just fell in love with the Title!

Iconic Arcanist!   just- wow.


An illustration of the Enora Character

 from the Internet:

Who is she? Well, Here is The Enora Back-Story:


The Dollmaker thanks you for the strange and interesting gift, Mike Schwartz then what happened?



Into Worlds of Characters with Imaginative Vocations!

And Powers!

and Fancy Titles!

for the purpose of

Terminological Elevation!

Like this one common wayfarer

who actually was visibly Elevated by Terminology

when he bore a new Title:

one minute, Oliver Maple, a bumbling fool... the next minute, a glorious

Transmigratory Expeditionist!

One can see the transformation instantly

..that onset of self-importance that comes with a "Proper Title"...

From now on, this guy's Mission is Expedition!!

HE is Empowered! Indispensable! a Charismatic Leader!

There are probably secret documents in his satchel!


Sure... and thusly... encouraged... the "Entitling" trend continued throughout the month

whereupon, many dolls acquired skills and histories startling to everyone..




The Dollmaker discovered that Gaming-style Titles instantly bestow rich backgrounds

steeped deeply in ..often curious.. Fields of Expertise...






Elevation by Terminology!

In the undisciplined interests of further stimulating certain Doll's already swollen Egos...

the Dollmaker will be giving away a free Decoupaged Rock to anyone who

arrives at the Doll Shoppe and

Requests a particular Doll by it's Proper Title or Vocation!










 ...rooted in Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

the Dollmaker couldn't help thinking...

How TRF is essentially just a big RPG!





It's Time.



The Dollmaker's

38th year "onstage".. as Proprietress of the





Over at the Coven it was decided..

Participating Witches thinly disguised as

 early Trick-or-Treaters

will surreptitiously infiltrate the Doll Shoppe...


believe it- Witches shall Prevail!!


 a Transformational Illusionist prepares after five fails

to astound her colleagues with

a "Morphing-Pumpkin Hologram"...








Butterflies attempt to reveal the profound Secret of Metamorphosis 

to Skipper, the Garden Nymph...  heh heh- right.

 Titles don't necessarily bestow Intelligence... (just sayin)





Let's all Welcome Michael Hritz of Wolf Lodge Enterprises

Back this year to the Doll Shoppe with his latest...




 and Small Tall Ships!





Who or What ELSE will be there?




Muses, Mermaids and

..many with fun twirly hats!!




but of course!

By Popular Demand, the Painted Foxes will also be back!

as well as Painted Owls and Cats...




and new



 there might be a few Rose Garland Face Shields still available...




and the ubiquitous

Decoupaged Rocks!




SO Right HO...

here we shalt go againe!

Yes, Friends, Good Luck with Preparing Thyself for The Unexpected at this year's


Still Specializing in  Heraldic Pageantry and Aberrant Decadence...





The Doll Shopppe will be

Open every Weekend for the next 2 Months

Opening Day: Saturday, October 9th

This Year! Look for the little blue Gypsy Wagon on the sidewalk!

and don't forget to take a look at the Dollmaker's NEW ROOF!!!



the Dollmaker

 will be in the Doll Shoppe

on Saturdays only!

(Her partner, Michael is there on Sundays again this year)

If you want to see the Dollmaker in person,

 come early on a Saturday.





Take your first Hard Left

coming through the Front Gate..

Stay on the Sidewalk-

do not Deviate!

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

 is just at the end

On the left, before the Odeon Stage,

and the bend.






Closing Day: Sunday, November 28th





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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing."

-Thomas Szasz



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Come to the Faire Prepared to speak the language!
The Existential Meaning

(as in: grounded in Existence)
of the Word "Renaissance"
is  "PARTY" 





Follow your Bliss


Wee Peeple Dolls made the Cover again this month!

Photo entitled "Pierrot with Bauble"

a "Cover Jester"



In October and November

the Dolls are at the


Michael Hritz is back again this year

as the Dollmaker's Business Partner!

with his latest Fairy Houses

situated alongside the Wee Peeple Dolls!

Due to the

The Dollmaker will be there on

Saturdays Only!

And Michael will be there on Sundays




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The standard of success in life isnít the things.

 It isnít the money or the stuff -

it is absolutely the amount of joy

 you feel.





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Knocking on Wood

 actually comes from the belief that

every tree is inhabited by a Spirit.


The action of Knocking

was practiced by

ancient Priests and Priestesses

to actually summon the Spirit of the Tree aid in warding off evil

or fulfilling a wish.





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